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New Brighton Rock trailer

BrightonRock.jpgI think this trailer for Brighton Rock might be the best one I've seen yet. Visually it looks fantastic, it carries strong cinematography through every shot, and there are a lot of strong lines from powerful actors setting up some rather combative relationships.

While the remake wasn't too well received, it shouldn't be forgotten that Roland Joffe adapted and directed this version of the film and it stars John Hurt, Helen Mirren, Sam Riley, Andrea Riseborough, Philip Davis, Andy Serkis and Sean Harris.

That's a strong line-up and this new trailer will no doubt attract audiences to it. Here's the blurb for Brighton Rock:

Based on Graham Greene's chilling 1938 novel, Brighton Rock is the hard-boiled, visually captivating debut film of Rowan Joffe. An official selection of the Toronto International Film Festival, the film features an incredible cast of both British acting royalty and brilliant newcomers. Sam Riley (Control) is the young anti-hero Pinkie, a cunning charmer trying to make his mark on the vicious gangland of Brighton. When a young waitress (Andrea Riseborough, who was nominated for 2 BIFAs for her breakthrough performance) stumbles on evidence that links Pinkie and his gang to a revenge killing, he draws her into a conned romance to keep the loose end tied up. When Rose's world-weary boss (Oscar-winner Helen Mirren) becomes suspicious of the enigmatic young man hanging around her charge, the tangled web becomes a deadly game of psychological cat-and-mouse-- an atmostpheric mystery-noir that fully captures the mood of Greene's violent and sexually daring masterpiece.

You should already know that the Brighton Rock novel from Graham Greene was adapted to film already as, surprisingly, Brighton Rock, and starred Richard Attenborough in the leading role as Pinkie. While the world has been updated from that 1947 film, it hasn't gone too far and been brought to our modern day but hits the sixties with ease.

It's a big film and a big role to match, but it's been done well and with style, not to mention a pretty impressive cast.

Have a look at the trailer from Apple Trailers so you can make the call for yourself, or have a look at the embedded version below:



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