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Paranormal Activity 3 trailer crackles online

ParanormalActivity3.jpgYou should know by now I am not a fan of the Paranormal Activity 3 series. The first film scared me as much as an empty paper bag and was so formulaic and forced it ended up just irritating me. The trailer for Paranormal 2 didn't offer much more so I skipped it, and the trailer for the third? Well there's nothing here that makes me interested.

The overuse of the crackling video screen to cut off and open shots is very annoying, do you still get those on digital recorders? Although I have to give credit to the Candyman moment with the kids, that did make me giggle a little, but scared? Nope.

I'm still seeing the same rules as the first film, the heightening of every scare by silence followed by large musical cues just on the point of the visual reveal, usually something fast so you don't quite have time to process it. The usual old scares.

That said, the scene as the kids leave the bathroom does offer some hope. The reveal there is off cue and without fanfare, plus it remains there longer than expected. I do kind of like it.

Could Paranormal Activity 3 be better than the rest? Well the directors of Catfish are behind it, Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, so why don't we have a look and see.

You can see the Paranormal Activity 3 trailer over at Apple Trailers or right here:



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