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Redemption Road trailer glows

RedemptionRoad.jpgI have a certain type of film in mind when I think of Mario Van Peebles, and it's certainly not Redemption Road, so that's maybe why the Peebles directed film starring Michael Clarke Duncan, Morgan Simpson, Kiele Sanchez, Taryn Manning, Luke Perry and Tom Skerritt looks so good and has caught my eye from the outset.

The film combines a road trip with two unlikely characters and plenty of music, and a surprising pairing of actors which is gaining some rather strong praise.

I was surprised by how good Redemption Road looks, and while there might be some similar feelings in a few scenes that remind us of other films, there's plenty in the trailer to suggest that things won't be just the way we expect.

The other thing that I love about this trailer is that we get to see tons of Michael Clarke Duncan being allowed to act, and he is a damn good actor.

Here's the blurb for Redemption Road:

In Mario Van Peeble's new film "Redemption Road", two seemingly different men (Academy Award Nominee Michael Clarke Duncan, Morgan Simpson) embark on a music-steeped journey through the American South, learning along the way that life isn't about where you end up - it's how you get there that matters. Somewhere along the 900 miles between Austin, TX and Huntsville, AL the two men become unlikely friends. However, every road has an end. In Huntsville, sad truths come to light, with heartbreak and violence lingering in their wake, ultimately leaving both men changed forever. The music of "Redemption Road" is permeated with authenticity, from Country music - perfectly befitting the film's Nashville locations - to the full scope of the Blues with a pinch of good old-fashioned Gospel to reflect the film's deeper themes of faith.

You can see that trailer over at Apple Trailers. See what you think and do give it a go because it does look like an interesting film, and a little harder than other films you might find connections with. Surely it would be worth the Michael Clarke Duncan performance alone?

Here's a version to watch right here:



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