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Sector 7 trailer gives it all away

Sector7.jpgNot just what could be the ending, but the monster and every single shot that seems taken from the Alien series with a few other well known action shots thrown in for good measure, it seems like an array of iconic shots with cheaper effects and in Korean.

I'm amazed how much this trailer gives away in fact and I wonder if anyone watching this would really want to see the film afterwards. Would you?

I would be keen to see more Korean horror, even before films like The Host (Filmstalker review) I was watching Korean films with great success - I mean success in that I was seeing good ones on quite a good ratio to bad, not that I was successfully watching them, although the two could be taken together!

Yet watching the trailer for Sector 7 has just turned me off to the film, here's pretty much everything and not only do we have The Host plot and Alien story line transplanted onto an oil rig, but we've seen the monsters and it looks pretty clear who is going to make it, despite the tag line at the start of the trailer.

So if you want it completely spoiled, here's your trailer:

Good news though, it's in 3D and IMAX.

Oh, I didn't post the blurb, do you really need it?



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