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Stiller tales on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

SecretLifeofWalterMitty.jpgI find Ben Stiller a hit or miss in front of the camera, but behind he's definitely had much more praise, although in front he's definitely earned his success financially. You only have to look to Reality Bites and Zoolander to see how diversely he can direct and also the reach of his films. Those aren't any nights in the museum.

So I find it's interesting when he does go behind the camera and the latest news is that he's picking up the remake of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty which once starred the great Danny Kaye, to not only direct but also to star in.

At one time the project was tipped for Mike Myers, but then so were Jim Carrey, Owen Wilson, Sacha Baron Cohen and even at one time Eddie Murphy, and as for directors we've heard rumours of Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard and even Gore Verbinski.

So finally Twitch is telling us that Ben Stiller has landed both roles as the leading actor and the director. He has been rumoured to take the lead earlier this year but from the way the article is talking he's signed up to take on the project.

The original The Secret Life of Walter Mitty harks back to 1947 and focuses on a daydreaming comic book writer whose imagination enables him to escape to his fantasy world instead of being caught in the normal day to day boring existence he has. However his dreams become true when a mysterious woman hands him a book which she says contains the location of the Dutch crown jewels which have been missing since World War II, and so he finds himself caught up in a Hitchcockian mystery after all.

It does sound a difficult project to make, after all he has to mix reality and fantasy together, but perhaps now more than ever the fantasy world can be visualised for the audience and we really could see through the eyes of the daydreaming Mitty.

Is Stiller the man to star and direct? Can he take the role from Danny Kaye?



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