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Surprise writers for Godzilla and Evil Dead

TheEvilDead.jpgWriters have been found for the remakes of Godzilla and The Evil Dead, and both are surprising choices, although to be honest one is more surprising than the other. What this does make very clear to us all though is that the remake of The Evil Dead is actually happening, of that there's no doubt now.

To be honest I wasn't sure if the remake of Godzilla was going ahead either, but it too looks like it's moving forward and it seems that both productions are getting a lot more focus than we might have thought, so who are the writers?

For the new Godzilla we're hearing that David Goyer is on board to write the script which is interesting considering he's written Man of Steel, the Superman reboot, and Batman Begins (Filmstalker review), the reboot of Batman, so you could say that the Godzilla reboot is being treated as the superhero reboots have been, and it clearly indicates that this is more than just another Godzilla film and that the production is aiming high.

David Callaham wrote the original draft of the Godzilla script, and as The Wrap through Yahoo News points out, the director Gareth Edwards was expected to rewrite the script, so the announcement of Goyer is rather interesting but does suggest the production isn't going for a quick release average monster film, with Edwards onboard and Goyer rewriting, this could be big.

Meanwhile we're hearing from The Wrap through Yahoo News once again that The Evil Dead remake has a writer. So the first thing is that The Evil Dead really is happening, something that I was rather sceptical about to be honest, we've heard Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell talking it up before but never any movement, just like yesterday's news.

Now there is news. Diablo Cody is set to rewrite the script for the remake which Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues wrote together, and the story confirms that Alvarez is indeed set to direct.

It shouldn't seem a strange choice, just think back to Jennifer's Body and consider the dark, modern humour that comes through with Cody's scripts, this could well be a good match.

There's no clear indication of how close to the original this remake will be, that's something we'll have to wait for more information on, but The Evil Dead remake is happening.



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