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The Amazing Spider-Man trailer arrives

TheAmazingSpiderMan.jpgNow the real trailer arrives, after watching the bootlegged version of The Amazing Spider-Man the official trailer has been released and it's looking rather good, although I have to say my thoughts haven't changed.

The fade in-outs are still too fast, the closing section makes it look like a videogame more than anything else, but the tone makes this look like a darker, more serious take on the character and there are plenty of great actors in there for the roles.

So the question really is does The Amazing Spider-Man look good and will it find a place in your heart if you're a fan of the existing Spider-Man films?

Well it was working for me, even if I think they should have toned down the costume to match the tone of the film, and I really don't get the closing sequences flying through the city, is it to sell the film in 3D or a coming videogame?

Here's the full trailer following on from that bootlegged one, thanks to Ade for pointing it out.

Mind you, looking at that holding image it does look like they've toned down the costume a little. What do you think?



Well I love the trailer, as I expected I would, but there are two things haunting me.

First, I'm afraid the movie might "take itself too seriously". Humor played a large part in the Sam Raimi outings. I'm talking genuine "laugh-out-loud" moments (at least for me) and I believe its partly why the movies (especially the first two) worked so much; it really nailed the character's personality and vibe, for lack of a better word. Spider-Man, with his smart mouth and wise-cracking jokes, has always been a bit light-hearted and there is not the faintest trace of that whatsoever in the trailer. Its bleak as a David Lynch movie. Okay maybe not as much and especially not in the same disturbed way but still...

Secondly, that last "action" scene is a blatant rip-off(whether intentional or not) of a video-game called Mirror's Edge(Seriously just Youtube the name and you'll see). Were the scene actually gripping and exalting, that may have slipped by but here, it really does nothing for me. In fact its gotten me a bit worried about action scenes in the final movie.

I remember reading that the movie would be more focused on Peter Parker's teenage angst and the weight of living a normal life while still shouldering the responsibilities of a super hero secret identity. This really validated for me the new choice of director as I think, after seeing "500 Days of Summer", its right up Marc Webb's alley but I dearly hope we're not gonna end up with a movie that's too much drama and not enough super-hero flick.

Maybe I have too much of a 90's animated series point-of-view about Spider-Man and should read stuff that came out in the comics after fluorescent colors stopped being cool...

The spider man is a my most favorite and popular movie in Hollywood.So the question really is does The Amazing Spider-Man look good and will it find a place in your heart if you're a fan of the existing Spider-Man films?

Like the darker tone of the new Spider-Man movie as seen in the trailer. And that he actually builds "web-shooters" in this version! But, hope they don't spend too long on the character's origins - as EVERYONE knows them already - and we get into the new story with The Lizard quickly...

Yes, as you say [Advertiser], I wish they would stop going back to the origins of every superhero. Everybody knows the basics of Batman, Superman and Spider-man. I think the world is ready for a "one-shot" movie that stands on its own and doesn't have any baggage from any previous series or director.

I would love to see The Dark Knight Returns turned into a movie, however deeply I adore Nolan's take on the Bat.

I would be ecstatic to see a Kingdom Come movie where you see all those "Z listers" but without having to suffer through 20 origin movies building up to it.


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