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The Dark Tower confirms doors closed

TheDarkTower.jpg...and hope for bigger film ventures goes with it. Let's face it we're only going to see studios make franchises on a film by film basis and even then they'll only commit if the adapted property is so huge that they'll know they are taking an already hungry audience with them - think Harry Potter, Bond and...and...well not The Dark Tower.

This could also spell doom for the talk of The Stand adaptation that was being banded around, as we just heard that David Yates was considering directing a series of films to tell the full story. I bet that's out the window now.

We had heard that the project was floundering over budget and other concerns, and really I was just sitting here waiting for this confirmation. After all it seemed astounding that the studio was going to take a chance and make three films and three series to tell the entire story in the first place, and while there is a strong and faithful audience there, we weren't the size of the fanatical Harry Potter audience who would be guaranteed for every film.

Saying that The Dark Tower had a good crack at making it with cast and crew coming into place, but they were all sent home as the project struggled to find a way to lower the budget, something everyone who has read the book and looked at the prospect of three films and three television series would have realised straight off the bat.

According to the story in The Hollywood Reporter July 15th was a deadline for the studio to commit to the films or not, and they say the studio has been telling those behind the adaptation that they just couldn't get the money right.

So The Dark Tower adaptation has died once again, and that's a real shame.

Perhaps we'll find that someone can adapt the work and follow the lines of The Walking Dead, turning it into a television series that could pay respect to the weighty story. However the problem there is then scheduling and franchising, the two things that seem to spell the death of any series. The channels will throw the show around the schedules so fans lose it, won't give it time to build and audience, and probably only get it sold abroad after they've decided to drop it or when it's dropped already.

Am I being too cynical? I don't think I am. I'm being realistic, and you have to wonder if J.J. Abrams and then Ron Howard, Akiva Goldsman and Brian Grazer can't get the story told on film, who can?



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