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The Family Tree trailer

TheFamilyTree.jpgWhat kind of film is The Family Tree? That's the question I'm left with after watching it. Not that it's a bad trailer, it has me intrigued and interested in more, but I'm just really curious to find out how the film is going to turn out, there's so much going on.

The film is following a dysfunctional family as they receive a second chance to get things right as the wife and mother of the family suffers a freak accident and is left with amnesia, remembering nothing of the years of marriage and the children growing up. For her it's all a blank slate again.

Of course we can see it's not been a blank slate, from the trailer it's clear that the slate is cram full of incidents and misdoings, this really is a dysfunctional family, or is it just your everyday functional family with every issue thrown at it possible?

There's a strong cast for the film with Dermot Mulroney, Hope Davis, Chi McBride, Christina Hendricks, Gabrielle Anwar, Rachael Leigh Cook, Selma Blair, Keith Carradine, Max Thieriot and Jane Seymour.

The blurb for The Family Tree goes like this:

Life in suburban Serenity, Ohio is never quite as serene as it appears. The dysfunctional Burnett family -- Bunnie (Hope Davis), Jack (Dermot Mulroney) and their twin 17 year olds Eric (Max Thieriot) and Kelly (Brittany Robertson) -- seems like a lost cause. When a freak accident leaves Bunnie with a case of amnesia, the Burnetts get an unexpected second chance at happiness. Meanwhile, next door neighbor Simon (Chi McBride) is relieved that his tryst gone wrong with Bunnie remains undetected, at least for the moment. Before long, a slew of past relationships, kids with guns, a suicidal teacher, a very zealous religious club, misinterpreted advances, corporate down-sizing, and one fateful squirrel combine to create enough mayhem to test the resolve, sanity and future of any family!

Now watch the trailer. You'll be bombarded with scenes, threads, characters and moments but the sum looks like it could be a complete blast.




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