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The Lost Symbol loses director

TheLostSymbol.jpgWell the team who made the first two film adaptations of the Dan Brown novels so great won't be returning for the third film The Lost Symbol, well they will be but not as we know them.

That doesn't mean one of them is having plastic surgery, it means that the director has turned down the role for this film and will produce only, but Tom Hanks will return for his third run at Robert Langdon.

I'm not sure how much this really will hurt the series, I think it will lose a lot by not having Ron Howard's excellent direction, but at the same time audiences are ready for the final film in the series which will adapt the final book. They're already in place, they've already become attached to the character and Tom Hanks playing him, will a change of director really do much to the series?

I think not. Sony, Howard and the other producers will ensure that they choose a director that won't take the film too far away from what they've set as the template and even if they did, it's the last film, what would it matter? As I said people will still flock to see it based on the books and the two films to date.

It was Ron Howard's decision to not direct according to Deadline's insider, he just didn't want to do the same thing again, and he's already done it twice. Hanks though is happy to, he doesn't really have to act his socks off, the character isn't that complex, but he is very popular.

The Da Vinci Code (Filmstalker review) and Angels & Demons were very popular, and The Lost Symbol sold phenomenal numbers on its first day of release.

Ron Howard isn't stuck for jobs though, he still has a full plate of deals and a trolley filled with choices.

Of course considering that the third book was so successful and there's a guaranteed audience, couldn't they take a chance with someone rather unexpected? Couldn't they take this opportunity to create a franchise character? Well they could, but I'm sure Dan Brown still has a huge say with the films and Tom Hanks couldn't take the character into a franchise could he?



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