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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune gains new writer/director

Uncharted.jpgAnother project that I had thought had fallen through was Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, the adaptation of the adventure videogame which had shades of Tomb Raider mixed with a strong script and some excellent backdrops and cut scenes, it's a game I'm playing just now and rather enjoying.

Last we heard was that David O.Russell, who was set to write and direct the film, but his script and vision brought so many new characters, storylines and was so different to the game that he left with creative differences on his goodbye letter.

So now there's a new writer and director on the project and that's Neil Burger, think writing and directing on The Illusionist, The Lucky Ones and directing on Limitless (Filmstalker review), and those are all good thoughts and good films in their own right. I think Burger could turn out an exciting and engaging film version of Drake's Fortune.

The Hollywood Reporter isn't sure if the production is going to be keeping on Mark Wahlberg who was lined up for the lead role in David O.Russell's version of the film, along with a few other big names towards the end of the production, but the decisions I'm sure will remain with the new director, Neil Burger.

The story of the game sees a treasure hunter called Nate Drake, who believes he's a descendent of the explorer Sir Francis Drake, tracking down an ancient trail left by Drake himself, a trail that has the promise of leading to a great fortune, perhaps even the legend of El Dorado itself.

It's a good game, but like many videogames adaptations it has a well developed plot and characters already within the game and adapting them to film is a problem. Look to Halo, Metal Gear Solid, and other such films which have failed to make it as the cinematic interpretation just doesn't fit in with the videogame version.

Then there are other adaptations that have made it to the big screen and have made it like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and more aptly, Tomb Raider, perhaps the best adaptation from videogame we've seen so far, and that's the model that Drake's Fortune really needs to follow.



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