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United trailer shows Munich Air Crash

United.jpgThe trailer for United shows us the worst and best moments of Manchester United's past, when they were one of the best teams riding through Europe with worldwide support, much like they do now, and then came the terrible news of the 1958 Munich Air Crash.

A plane which was carrying the team crashed in Munich in a terrible tragedy, and while Manchester and the team came close to closing for good, they rallied round and rose from this terrible moment to rebuild and pay respect to those who died by proving themselves on the pitch.

It really is a story that you would think was straight out of the Hollywood typewriter, but it's true and the trailer tells us the key points of what happened through this time, building the story well and looking very authentic.

What I'm really surprised about though is the fact that the trailer tells us United is heading for DVD and download, did I miss a general release? Apparently it was made for television but the production values look much better and I didn't see it. United stars David Tennant, Dougray Scott and Jack O'Connell, so it's not the small cast you might expect.

For Manchester United fans this is going to be a great film, but what I like about the trailer is that it's hooking in non-fans as well, after all I think it looks really good and I'm not a football fan. This story is much more than football.

Here's the trailer for United:



It was shown on BBC 2 a little while ago. Amazing film.

Extremely entertaining thank you, It is my opinion your followers would possibly want far more items along these lines carry on the excellent effort.


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