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Argento talks Dracula 3D

Dracula3D.jpgDracula is the latest for the remake and 3D treatments, but who would have thought that it would come from Dario Argento? Well before we heard he was doing it probably none of us, but he's doing it and he's appeared to talk about the film.

Dracula 3D stars a list of foreign talent including Thomas Kretschmann, Marta Gastini, Asia Argento and Rutger Hauer. I'm sure I'm doing many an injustice by not recognising their names, but perhaps after this film I'll recognise them more.

I had better warn you that there's a monumental blurb to go with the interview, I'll try and format it a bit better for you but before I did this it was one long paragraph.

Scrub that. I started reading it and formatting it for you then realised that it's basically telling the story scene by scene. I don't know how far it went as I gave up, but just in case I'm backing off from it and not reading any more, nor am I going to offer it here to read.

Instead let's go straight to the interview from Dario Argento for his Dracula 3D:

Oh dear me. I really wanted to interrupt your viewing after the first few words of the voiceover because it was ludicrously hilarious. However listening to Argento speak about the film and seeing location shots started bringing me towards it.

Interestingly in the interview Argento talks about his use of 3D and that it will make the entry and exit of actors from the screen much more realistic. I wonder if he has watched a 3D film? Does any of that really make it more realistic or are you more distracted by the fact it's 3D?

Anyway this was thoroughly disappointing. Poor quality and nothing really from the film itself other than what looks like shots from the location scout. Is this really going to be any good?



Hahaha here's to hoping that narrating voice doesn't make it into the final movie! Oh and also to hoping that Dario Argento can win back the Vampire genre their noble pedigree! Yes I'm looking at you, Twilight!


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