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Austin Powers 4? Not yet

AustinPowers.jpgThere's been talk of an Austin Powers 4 in the past, and the recent stories being carried through sites that claim the film was a done deal have been slightly exaggerated, however the man behind the film and the character are apparently in talks for another one.

I wonder though where they could take the character now and what a new film would offer. Is it merely that Mike Myers is trying to reclaim some of the glory he had back then or is there really a call for another film?

I have to admit seeing Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me the other night on television, including the infamous Scottish scene. My wife and I were totally turned off to it and while there were a few giggles to be had it wasn't the same as when we first saw it, and that FB role was disgustingly unfunny.

A story in The Guardian tells us, unsurprisingly, that another Bridget Jones film is on the way and that Mike Myers is on for another Austin Powers. They cite the source story from Hitflix which says that Myers has closed the deal, as well as the story from Deadline that explains what is really happening behind it all.

It would seem that this harks back to the deal in 2008 with Myers to work on a Dr. Evil and son film which fell apart when he pulled out of the project after a not so well received The Love Guru. The short story is that New Line never heard anything from him until this week when his agents expressed interest in the deal again, apparently to the surprise of New Line.

Yahoo News brings us something different again, saying that there is no deal and New Line and Myers are in talks, with the publicist of Myers saying that they are in talks.

I think it's clear that something is happening about the character and the project, but I wonder if too much time has passed. Watching the Austin Powers film just recently I found the moments I did laugh at before were gone, and it was far from the heady heights of the first Powers film.

Not only that but has Myers himself lost his draw? Voicing Shrek has been his biggest role outshining Myers by degrees, and that's taken up almost his entire cinematic career since 2003, apart from Inglourious Basterds (Filmstalker review) of course.

Is there a desire for more Austin Powers? Can he really come back and find the comedy that he previously had or is it just too late?



Mike Myers needs to find some original material while at the same time looking for nostalgic twists to add to the movie...I am an AP Fan and would LOVE to see another film ...Mike Myers needs to come back and regain hi s MOJO

I think he could bring him back, but there has to be a huge overhaul to the character and something original to bring him back with.


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