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Bale's next high profile choices includes Oldboy?

ChristianBale.jpgI'm going to say this up front, the commentary about an actor's upcoming roles that they are considering, or any talent for that matter, must always be taken with a pinch of salt. The depth of their consideration can range from being seen with an executive, writer or director behind a project, of which they may be actively working on a number, to saying something like "I would like to play the Queen in a comedy about Gaddafi".

It can all be rumour and hearsay, or it could be something more, we really don't know until there's something that comes from the person themselves. So hearing that Christian Bale is "considering" a role in Oldboy could be rubbish or all manner of shades of true.

A story today suggests that Christian Bale is considering a number of films as his next project after The Dark Knight Rises and The 13 Women of Nanjing, there's A Star is Born, the remake by Clint Eastwood currently with Beyoncé Knowles; Michael Mann's Gold; Out of the Furnace directed by Scott Cooper; Darren Aronofsky's biblical film called Noah, and finally the remake of Oldboy directed by Spike Lee.

The first thing to notice is that Christian Bale is in big demand. Those are some huge projects with some of the biggest and most talented directors behind them, he's not losing his popularity or star power that's for sure.

However you might wonder how we know this, how the article from Variety through First Showing can claim that he has the choice of these projects. Well, because it's Variety and they have "studio insiders say", or rather when the article does mention the insiders it's in reference to what plan Bale has for his future, one film at a time, not actually attributing this list to them.

We have to assume that they know more about Bale than everyone else, although they do make clear that he doesn't have a forerunner on any of these. Personally I think it's more likely an insider has whispered that he's had these scripts delivered to his agent, or something similar, and that's as close as it comes.

There are some big titles in there and I would love to see the Eastwood or Mann films, even though Eastwood would be hitting a remake, A Star is Born could easily be updated to add in all the pressures of modern day fame to great effect.

The biggie for film fans though is Oldboy. Would Christian Bale star in the film, and what's more playing the bad guy? Well if the script was right he would, and if the script is right then we'd buy into the remake, and that's really the big issue right now I think. Not that we have Spike Lee as director, nor that there's talk of big name stars, but that we have the right script that doesn't just try to emulate the original film within the Hollywood studio and MPAA restrictions, for that just will not work.



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