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Catwoman revealed for Dark Knight Rises

DarkKnightRises-Catwoman.jpgI'm totally unaffected by the photo of Catwoman appearing in The Dark Knight Rises in costume and atop Batman's motorbike, I couldn't care less about the technicalities of her suit, her glasses, etc. as others seem interested in. What I am interested in is the fact that the character really does feature in the film.

I know we heard about Selina Kyle being in the film ages ago, but I never really understood how Christopher Nolan could bring the character to life without making them seem cheesy. There's nothing I've ever seen or heard that would give me the inkling that the character would work in Nolan's Batman, unlike with The Joker or the new villain Bane.

Bane, and previously the Joker, fit well with Christopher Nolan's darker, harder, more realistic version of Batman, but having never seen a version of Catwoman that just didn't feel rather silly I've never thought she could fit into this style of film, and I don't mean that just based on the Catwoman on a couple of poor film outings.

Saying that Michelle Pfeiffer's take on the character was pretty good, but the problem was that the origins and staple of the character were just so daft. That said, I could see how a new Catwoman origin could help, that of a cat burglar rather than the silliness of before.

So there is a way the character could work but I wonder if the negativity to the character is because no one can understand why, or perhaps people wanted someone else for Nolan's last Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, for instance I know there's been a lot of call out there for a new take on Robin.

Anyway let me point you in the direction of the full photo over at The Hollywood Reporter so some of you out there (Vash included) can have a real gander at that photo and try and come up with some cool details. Frankly I'm stumped, she's on Batman's bike and she has some gadget specs on.

Anne Hathaway, who plays Catwoman, has been saying that there's more to the suit than we can see, but frankly that's not the point, it's that Catwoman will be in the film and teaming up with Batman.

What do you think of the new Catwoman? Does it really matter considering we know Nolan's history of turning round our expectations?



Well from my first look at the photo, I noticed that there are no claws of any kind on the gloves which is a let down(excluding the possibility of retractable claws). There is some texture to the overall suit, I'm guessing so that it doesn't look too flat. From this picture, there seems to be a strap around her neck and the zipper pull hanging below does remind me of a cat collar but that's probably not intentional. The goggles; I'll get to in a bit.

On a separate, leaked on-set photograph we see another shot of Catwoman (in all likelihood portrayed by a stunt woman) where it is apparent she is wearing long gloves, high boots(platformed boots too, can't wait to see her work that in action sequences!) and a utility belt comprised of small pouches attached all the way around it.

Not much else I can analyze from those two pics maybe besides the fact that miss Hathaway is riding a black Batpod while the Tumblers we saw up until now(including the ones on the set where the second, leaked Catwoman pic was taken) feature beige and brown camouflage patterns.

Now one thing I wanna share even though its mainly extrapolation: before we even saw any material on the new costume, I told one of my friends that I'd be surprised to see her wearing cat ears. It doesn't seem to me like it would fit in Nolan's universe of Batman. I told him then that if they somehow brought in her goggles from the comic, maybe when she wears them on the top of her head, it could look like cat ears and that could earn her the nickname. Wild guess! The goggles we see on this picture do feature some sort of extruded lenses(most likely featuring some kind of enhanced view/night vision/scanner) on both far end sides of the frames. Those might just look like some ears when she pulls them up.

Finally I would like to say I really hope Anne Hathaway can pull off the femme fatale act because its 75% of the character.

Good analysis Vash!

Seems I had a good guess for the cat ears/goggles part. Head on over to Superhero hype to see what I'm talking about:


Think Catwoman actually would have been a more interesting and complex villain than Bane. Does like she'll be teaming-up with Batman from the latest on-set photos. One thing is sure: Dark Knight Rises has a though job to live-up to the quality of the last two Batman films. Can't wait 'til 20th July 2012...

Well, Catwoman is not a villain. She's just a self-preserving thief with a good heart.

She was only really a villain in Burton's Batman.

Read the Knightfall comics if you wanna know how interesting a character Bane can be. He's Batman's equal both physically and mentally as you might be aware. ;)


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