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Coppola's Twixt trailer arrives

Twixt.jpgWell I've just watched the trailer for Twixt and I have to say I'm rather perplexed. If I didn't know that Francis Ford Coppola had written and directed the film I would think it was another direct to DVD film for Val Kilmer, but then there's Elle Fanning in there with Bruce Dern, Ben Chaplin, Joanne Whalley, David Paymer and Don Novello. Okay, I am still thinking the same thoughts.

It's a strange trailer in that I don't really know where it's going or what it's trying to tell us, but it's Coppola, so we're on a big step to start with.

The trailer for Twixt sees a writer without much of a career arriving in a town where there has been a string of killings and decides to research a book on the very topic. Soon he's caught up in a murder mystery which looks very strange indeed.

Here's the trailer for Twixt so you can get straight in there and try and fathom it out for yourself.

I'm really confused by it all. I think the trailer is mixing the writer's dreams with the reality of investigating the case, and it does look rather low on the budget side. Mind you, I do like Val Kilmer, whatever he's in he can always bring something interesting to the screen, and when he has something strong behind him he's always good.

A release schedule for the film is hard to find, right now we're waiting to see if it gets picked up, and I think in order to do that it might need a stronger trailer.



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