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Dark Tower fails, Stand remake continues?

TheStand.jpgThe adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower was set to be epic, turned into three films with two or three television mini-series between them to bridge the story and allow for most of the nine book series to be brought to life. It sounded fantastic, and with Ron Howard, Akiva Goldsman and Brian Grazer it seemed to be onto a winner, until it failed.

So it would seem that the idea of King's The Stand being adapted into a trilogy of films would be dead too. Not so as there's a resurgence of the rumour that a director is on the project and to add to that there's a writer in the mix too.

Now remember that these are rumours and aren't yet confirmed, but the story is that negotiations are now underway to get David Yates on board as the director and Steve Kloves as the writer.

The rumour comes from HitFlix through ShockTillYouDrop, and it's no surprise about David Yates as we heard in a previous story, through another source, that Yates was the main choice for the film, and it was back then in July that we heard it was going to be a three film run.

The Stand (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) is the story of the end of the world and about groups of survivors from an apocalypse brought about by a virus that has escaped from a government facility, a virus that wipes out nearly everything on the planet leaving people scattered across the country. The survivors are drawn by two clear forces and end up doing battle, good versus evil for humanity.

It's a great book, a pretty good mini-series, and could make a hell of a trilogy, and it would have to be a trilogy wouldn't it? There's just no way that it could become a single film.

Yet we've just seen The Dark Tower fail to become a trilogy because of costs, so how can The Stand make it? Well the story would need a few less effects than The Dark Tower, but overall it's still a big cost, even if it would be two less television mini-series, it's still three films.

David Yates and Steve Kloves have something strong going for them though, Harry Potter, they've brought to life the series of books that fans love so successfully that the fans loved them on the big screen too. However you could easily have said that about Ron Howard, Akiva Goldsman and Brian Grazer, in fact they carry far more production weight and experience behind them than Yates and Kloves, and that's not meant as a disrespect to either of them.

So how can The Stand win over The Dark Tower? Well it could come down to the cost of the two mini-series, or the fact that The Stand has already made it to a mini-series so that might sway the executives, realising that there's more than just the book audience there.

Yet The Dark Tower has such a strong following as The Stand, and it's not a small following either. Plus The Dark Tower fits better into a trilogy of films so that audiences might be more tempted to go and see each one as a separate entity. With The Stand it's really going to have to be a case of "To Be Continued...".

So which would you rather see made?



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