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Die Hard 5 director and plot talk

LiveFreeDieHard.jpgDie Hard 5 has been talked about on and off since the fourth was rolled out to audiences who lapped up the new and slightly aging John McClane, but like the last film there's not been a huge amount of movement on what could be the final one in the franchise too quickly.

Now we're hearing that the Skip Woods written script to be directed by Naom Murro looks like it will be passed onto another director as Murro heads off to Xerxes. However a new name is on the horizon and it fits in well with what the plot is supposed to be.

Well actually the word is that there's not one director but three that are shortlisted to take the fifth instalment of Die Hard forward.

John Moore. Think Behind Enemy Lines, Flight of the Pheonix and Max Payne. Do not think The Omen remake. Twitch say he's the main runner and has been offered the film on a platter. If we're thinking of the rumoured plot, which I'll get to in a second, then you could make comparisons very easily with Behind Enemy Lines. However you might want to stay clear of his remakes.

Well how about the second name in three then that comes through Deadline and Collider, Joe Cornish? Writing wise he's recently shot forward with The Adventures of Tintin and Ant-Man, but his directorial debut is Attack the Block and that could provide an interesting style for McClane, carrying humour and action together. He might be a good choice.

The third is Nicolas Winding Refn who you should think Pusher, Bronson (Filmstalker review), Valhalla Rising and Drive. All interesting choices, and it would be fair to think that Refn would bring something totally unique to Die Hard, something it hasn't really seen before. This would definitely be harder and grittier.

So which way would you want Die Hard 5 to go? Which director do you think would provide the best fifth, and potentially final film?

Oh, the plot, of course. This is an interesting one and I think where the problems may lie for the fifth film, and bear in mind this is through the usual "sources" route so get your salt at the ready.

John McClane is apparently heading abroad, with his son, and together they are going to fight local forces in some Russian territory.

Now I don't know if that's really right, it does sound like someone's cobbled something together playing on a strong film of John Moore's and thrown in a terrible Hollywood idea of passing on the franchise to a younger version of the main character while trying to play on the strength of the previous film.

I don't know about you but frankly the idea is rubbish. No son, no foreign fighting. If this is the case then we need a new script.



I was under the impression that the character only had a daughter, a son was never mentioned, so a little bit daft to put that into the plot at this late stage.

His son is seen in Die Hard and mentioned in Die Hard 4.

Watch Harder Ricky.

I think Richard's sentiments are right though, I feel it's a pretty daft move to bring the son in and have them both fighting side by side.

It suggests two things to me. One is that they are looking for someone to replace him and carry on the franchise. Two they're trying to emulate the relationship that worked so well with the last Die Hard.


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