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Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within trailer hits hard

EliteSquad2.jpgElite Squad, or Tropa de Elite (Filmstalker review), is a very strong film that I saw back in June of 2008 and really enjoyed, and as soon as I heard there was a sequel I was keen to see what the writer and director José Padilha was going to deliver. From the first trailer it looked good, and this latest one is upping the ante with comments suggesting it is Godfather-esque and pointing out that it's the biggest film to come from Brazil.

There's certainly a lot of pressure, but from all accounts the film delivers, and it returns to the characters we met in the first one to find out where they are now. I don't think fans of the original are going to be disappointed.

Both films delivered action and powerful drama that built the tension throughout the film while pulling you closer and closer to the lead character, dramatising the problems in Brazil in a film that was indeed compelling to foreign audiences.

Here's a blurb for Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within:

Picking up the story thirteen years after the original Elite Squad, The Enemy Within sees revered B.O.P.E. Lieutenant-Colonel Roberto Nascimento and his second in command André Matias facing new battles both on the streets and within the corrupt political system of Rio de Janeiro.

After a disastrous B.O.P.E. operation on a prison riot, Nascimento gets caught in a bloody political dispute that involves not only government officials, but also the deadly paramillirary groups known as the milicias. Adding to this are his troubles at home, as his ex-wife is now married to the newly elected State Representative and his thirteen year old son is becoming increasingly estranged from his intense and emotionally distant father.

Featuring scenes of breathtaking action, compelling drama, and one of the most notorious central characters in recent cinema, Elite Squad: The Enemy Within is essential viewing for both action and world cinema fans alike.

Now get yourself stuck into the trailer which does promise to deliver far more than the original did. I'd definitely say that this is one to track down.



Really looking forward to watching this at the cinema on Friday!


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