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Essential Killing trailer

EssentialKilling.jpgDirected by Jerzy Skolimowski and starring Vincent Gallo and Emmanuelle Seigner, Essential Killing has been gathering some praise around the festivals, and a new trailer online reveals that it may have its shortcomings, but the film itself looks a powerful thriller and the blurb promises something more thoughtful than you might first think.

At least that's what we're promised anyway, and there are some positive comments out there for the film.

Basically Vincent Gallo plays a Taliban fighter who has been captured by US forces, is being taken to a prison somewhere in Europe, and when his vehicle crashes he manages to escape and head out on the run, pursued by Special Forces.

Here's the blurb for Essential Killing:

In an award-winning performance (Best Actor- Venice Film Festival), Vincent Gallo plays Mohammed, a Taliban fighter captured by the US military in Afghanistan after a violent desert attack goes awry. While being transported to a secret detention center in Europe, the vehicle crashes and he suddenly finds himself free. But his newfound freedom quickly disappears as he is relentlessly pursued in a snow-blanketed forest by an army that does not "officially" exist. A critically-acclaimed, thinking man's action thriller, ESSENTIAL KILLING tells the story of one man's struggle for survival, where morality has no place as he confronts the necessity to kill in order to survive.

I'm sure there's going to be some controversy about the film, and indeed I'm sure the film itself is playing to some of that controversy, but I've yet to see it so I can't judge how much it delivers on that. After all we're talking about a film from the perspective of a Taliban fighter. I wonder what the film will be able to tell us in terms of morality?

You can see the trailer over at Apple Trailers in high definition, and while some of the shots look a little cobbled together and show that the film isn't a high budget production, there are other shots which look just as good and promise just as much.



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