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Like Crazy trailer

LikeCrazy.jpgThere are a number of sites talking about Like Crazy and showing the trailer, perhaps it's down to the co-writer and director Drake Doremus, or perhaps it's because it stars Anton Yelchin, Felicity Jones, Jennifer Lawrence and Alex Kingston.

Personally though I think the trailer isn't a good advertisement for the film. How about you decide?

First of all it struck me that it feels like the current trends in UK adverts, the classic song, reworked in a much slower and quirky way that's surely about to be released soon, and while I like that it's just played too loud and takes over the trailer. I can hardly hear the characters speak underneath the trailer, doesn't help that they're mumbling at the same time though.

For all the style and the big names involved, the story does look like it's a pretty standard love story beneath it all. Here's the blurb for Like Crazy to tell us more:

A love story is both a physical and emotional tale, one that can be deeply personal and heartbreaking for an audience to experience. Director Drake Doremus' film "Like Crazy" beautifully illustrates how your first real love is as thrilling and blissful as it is devastating. When a British college student (Felicity Jones) falls for her American classmate (Anton Yelchin) they embark on a passionate and life-changing journey only to be separated when she violates the terms of her visa.

Here's the trailer which you can also see over at Apple Trailers. See what you think, maybe it's just me that doesn't feel drawn to it.



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