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Romancing the Stone remake resurfaces?

RomancingtheStone.jpgIt was December 2008 when we first heard that there was a remake of the classic Romancing the Stone in the works and since then there have been a few more stories that have suggested it was going to happen, but they've all come to nothing. Well we've not heard from it in a while, so why not another one?

News is out that 20th Century Fox are looking to the remake again and are wanting to remake it, but take it in a new direction. Now they're looking for a director.

Romancing the Stone is a 1984 film about a romance novelist who is far from romantic, she's stubborn, strong and self determined who heads to Colombia to find her missing sister. While searching she meets up with an adventurer of types and fate teams them together to head in search of her sister. Of course he's not after his sister, he's after a precious stone using a treasure map he found. However others are after the map, and her sister.

The film spawned a sequel called The Jewel of the Nile, and perhaps a second sequel in spirit, bringing the three way team of Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito back together again for The War of the Roses.

Back in December 2008 the word was that Daniel McDermott was writing the new script, he was also working on a script for the remake of Soylent Green.

Then in August of 2009 we heard that Michael Douglas' own production company was working on a sequel to the films called Racing the Monsoon.

Flip forward to December of that year and we hear that the film has gained a director in the form of Robert Luketic.

Now we're here in 2011 and we haven't seen any light of the film, until now. The word from Moviehole through Latino Review is that 20th Century Fox are looking for a young, possibly new director to take up the project and bring give it a "fresh, exciting take". Oh dear.

Back in one of those original stories I wrote about the idea that they might be trying to hand over to a younger team to make a few more sequels, something we've seen happen again and again in Hollywood, and now that doesn't sound so stupid.

Interestingly the studio says that Luketic was interested in taking Katherine Heigl, who has been in a few of his films, on for the leading role in the Romancing the Stone remake, and despite the change in director she's still a strong choice for the role. Now that's a good idea because she's been cinematic gold for her films so far.

Also mentioned in the article is a possible male lead for the role, something that is a little early to be talking about since there is no director on the project yet. However a name caught my eye as being one that would work right out of the box, Gerard Butler. He would work, but not with Heigl, please no.

If it's going to happen, who would you want in the roles?



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