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Scorsese's Living in the Material World trailer

LivingintheMaterialWorld.jpgMartin Scorsese has been making a film about George Harrison for some time, and the trailer looks like it's had as much work put into it as the film itself. I have to say it's rather captivating and engaged me from quite early on, hooking me into the story of the Beatle who "changed the most".

There are some great moments in it and just the trailer features Eric Clapton, Terry Gilliam, Paul McCartney, Tom Petty, Ringo Starr, Jackie Stewart, and there are even more famous people in the film itself. Plus it creates the clear message that this is more than a documentary about a Beatle.

Living in the Material World looks like it could touch on all aspects of the man's life, and not just that but getting down to the core of who he was and what he believed as well as what he achieved, and even through this short trailer there's a feeling that it's going to surprise us about who George Harrison really was.

The documentary will be showing at the New York Festival and released on HBO soon after in two parts on October 5th and 6th, according to The Playlist, and no wonder for the length of the film is coming in at around three and a half hours in length.

That is a mammoth film indeed, but when you see the trailer you do get the feeling that it won't be boring, after all this is telling us there's a lot of ground to cover, and with the involvement of so many that knew him and were close to him, we might find ourselves forgetting just how long three and a half hours are.

Here's the trailer for Living in the Material World, which when I say it makes me think of Madonna every time.

It looks like it could be a strong film for those who are Beatle fans and those who aren't, and a documentary that really does promise to tell the entire story of a man.



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