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Superman: Man of Steel production photo

ManofSteel-Superman.jpgThe first shot of the new Superman in the form of Henry Cavill has arrived, and I'm not sure what people expected but the photography is a publicity shot that shows a man in a slightly darker than normal Superman costume with some wreckage behind him that looks like he caused.

I don't really know what people were expecting at this early stage. It's obviously a marketing shot and it's meant to tell us that Superman really isn't changing that much, although his suit is less bright than in the Christopher Reeve films.

Well I really don't know what to say. It's Superman, and while you might be with me when I say that Brandon Routh did a good job in Superman Returns (Filmstalker review), and that the film was far from the terrible catastrophe that most claim it was, Henry Cavill looks like he could do a good job in the suit from this single photo.

I'll include a little version of the picture here, but just enough to tease you to the original, uncropped version over at The Hollywood Reporter, it's only fair after all.

What do you think? Was it really worth it? What do you think you were expecting? I really didn't think we were going to see anything but this feels a little flat. Not the fault of those releasing it or a reflection on the film itself, it's just a picture of Superman.

It does beg the question though, what are people expecting of Superman: Man of Steel? How different to Superman Returns will it have to be?



Well I couldn't disagree more with you on that Richard. I think the expression on Henry Cavill's face alone is enough to get excited. As I heard or read somewhere: It seems we are going from a Superboy to a Superman at last!

I really didn't hate Superman Returns, believe me I actually defend it when people around me hate on it, but I do think that the emotional vaccum that Brian Routh displayed while adorning the red cape was terrible. And while he was playing Clark Kent, it was really just an impersonation of Christopher Reeve's. Although I like that its a reverence to past greatness and childhood memories, its still an imitation.

Also, take a good hard look at the costume. The changes are subtle but they are noteworthy: Firstly the texture is a lot more prominent and cover the whole body. Then, as you noted, the colors seem darker... way darker than the Superman Returns' costume! Then there are braces of some sort at the wrists, the sign is a lot bigger and there doesn't seem (though I may be wrong) to be any shorts/briefs. Oh! the belt is also very different too and there seems to be some kind of lining going from the belt to his flank.

Maybe the picture you saw wasn't big enough for you to notice those details or maybe that's just me going overboard with geek analyze but I really think this is a great new look for Superman.

Oh and sorry for double posting but if you look at his right thigh(the only thigh sticking out lol) there seems to be a patch of some sort. You really only see its edge but its there.

I can't wait to get a better shot of that suit!

Vash I bow to your eagle eye. I didn't catch most of the detail you've picked out of the photo, so well done for doing that.

Still, for saying that it's still a costume and it's still Superman. There are changes, but there's nothing there that has me excited. I think that's probably more because I'm concerned where the story is going to go with the character and just how different this Superman will be, and a publicity shot isn't telling me any of that or alleviating my concerns.

Of course, the movie could still sink and be an absolute turd I understand how you feel but to be frank, I really didn't expect anything more from the first reveal picture. Maybe that's why I'm not disappointed.

In fact, I'm really on a "Wait and see" basis with this whole movie...


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