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The Dark Knight Rises footage

TheDarkKnightRises.jpgWe're seeing a lot of behind the scenes shots and footage from Christopher Nolan's latest Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, more than we've ever seen from any of his films as he's usually just so secretive. There's speculation that a lot of what we're seeing is false to knock everyone off the scent, and that could well be true because before now we saw next to nothing.

However for me the stills of Tom Hardy as Bane and Batman in his costume aren't that exciting, after all Bane is going to be made to look huge with film trickery so I don't want to see Tom Hardy in a mask right now, and we know what Batman looks like. What I have been keen to watch are footage of the vehicles.

One thing is true, Christopher Nolan isn't going to be wasting money on the production by building vehicles and putting us off the scent of the film, and so seeing the Batwing in operation as well as the Batpod must be genuine behind the scenes footage.

It's a fair point though, Nolan is renowned for keeping production details secret, just look how little was released from the previous two films, and now for The Dark Knight Rises there are photos and footage galore, almost more than the previous two films put together. Is some of it a smoke screen?

I'm going to show you two pieces of captured footage though, one is of the Batwing moving about, another is of the Batpod and Tumblers heading down the street with some additional footage for the boys, a stuntwoman in leather riding the Batpod, or rather for the most part sitting on it and stretching her outfit!

Here are the videos through The Hollywood Reporter.

Here's the first...

...and the second...

So there you go, nothing that exciting, but seeing the Batwing move about and Catwoman actually on the Batpod are pretty interesting. I'm surprised the Batwing isn't flying more rather than hovering down the street, but it's probably relevant to the scene.

Plus it's more confirmation that Catwoman is going to be playing a role in the film and working with Batman, something I've still not totally got my head around.



Well apart from convincing me that the Catwoman stunt double's bottom looks mighty fine in leather, this wasn't showing much.

Seeing the Batwing was actually a big surprise. I was a bit put off by seeing the mock-up Batman face through the windshield though and I hope it's better camouflaged in the final footage.


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