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The Entitled trailer, could this be good?

TheEntitled.jpgI didn't think I was going to be writing about The Entitled when I first came to the trailer, but after watching a few moments I started to wonder if this could be a good film. There's a good story behind it and some strong actors - Ray Liotta, Victor Garber, Stephen McHattie and some newer faces such as Kevin Zeggers, Laura Vandervoort and Devon Bostick.

There's also the trailer which, while it doesn't reveal anything too off the beaten path for such a thriller, does seem to hit the right beats, sow some seeds of doubt, and play to its strengths.

The blurb for The Entitled goes like this:

Without the security of the job he wants or the future he dreamed of, Paul Dynan (Kevin Zegers), plans the perfect crime to help his struggling family -- extort a fortune from three wealthy men (Ray Liotta, Victor Garber, Stephen McHattie). The plan: to abduct their socialite children (Laura Vandervoort, Dustin Milligan, John Bregar) and collect a healthy ransom of $3-million dollars. Over the course of one long night, Paul and his accomplices hold the rich kids hostage awaiting the $3-million ransom with little idea of the secrets that will surface between the fathers when they are forced to choose between their children and their money. Once blood is shed and things go horribly wrong, Paul must fight to stay one step ahead of his own twisted game.

What has me the most about this are the three fathers, and while the events of the hostage taking look like they might be the standard story, the thread of the fathers could be rather interesting to watch, and the three actors are all strong on screen.

Here's the trailer for The Entitled. Is this going to be another one to pass us all by, and if it does are we missing out?



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