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The Interrupters trailer inspires

TheInterrupters.jpgI've heard about The Interrupters before but hadn't really looked to it yet, until this new trailer arrived and hit me like an emotional brick. It's a powerful trailer which suggests that the film itself is going to be just as powerful and as moving.

The film follows three people who work as Violence Interrupters for an organisation called CeaseFire in Chicago, people who get involved with gangs to mediate potentially violent situations, intervening before situations escalate and trying to stop more shootings and murders.

There's a great write up of what the Violence Interrupters do, what CeaseFire does, and what the film is all about on the official site, you can also read about CeaseFire over on Wikipedia. Essentially they try to stop gang violence escalating, or stem violent situations before they begin.

The film follows three of these Violence Interrupters doing their work during a particularly difficult time in Chicago. The film comes from documentary maker Steve James and the author Alex Kotlowitz, but to be honest nothing is going to sell the film more than this excellent trailer.

You can see the trailer for The Interrupters over at Apple Trailers.

This is definitely a film not to be missed, for wherever you are it's certainly going to have something to say about violence and society, and even in the trailer I can see there's something here that will connect to people out with Chicago. Surely you just have to look to the major cities of England in the last few days to see that.



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