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The Sitter adults only trailer

JonahHill.jpgI could hardly be bothered to write about the trailer for The Sitter, but then as I wrote a little blurb for the Filmstalker Facebook Page saying how much I didn't like it, I realised how much I was writing and how little I did like it and thought, maybe I should write something about it. Not much mind you.

The film sees Jonah Hill playing a college student on suspension who takes on a babysitting job to earn some money for himself. He's rubbish, treats the kids badly, and gets a phone call inviting him to a party where he's offered sex from a drunken friend. So he's in, and he takes the kids with him getting caught in a high-jinx adventure of badness.

Two things strike me about the trailer and the film straight away, first is that a number of the moments remind me of the quiet stand-offs between the two leads in a previous Jonah Hill film Cyrus, and the other is that this is just Adventures in Babysitting/A Night on the Town with swearing.

Of course there are other things about the trailer for The Sitter, it's not funny and Hill's deadpan delivery spouting drivel mixed with swearing isn't really working. Don't get me wrong, he can be good, I really enjoyed Get Him to the Greek, but this is just Hollywood comedic sludge.

Here's the MPAA red band trailer for being offensive to comedy and film through IGN. Maybe we should add an "h" to that title:



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