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The Woman in Black trailer

WomaninBlack.jpgThe trailer for The Woman in Black could be said to be an abject lesson in creepiness, and it's almost perfectly made, there are perhaps a couple of beats that could be different, the howling wind toned down a little and the voice of the child lowered, but these are very small points in an otherwise superb trailer.

This does look like it could be a welcome return of strong, psychological horror to British film. Finally we may be done with the comedy gore, and with it Daniel Radcliffe can say goodbye to Harry in one film.

The film is a remake of the 1989 television film of the same name, or rather it's a new adaptation of the novel by Susan Hill, adapted by Jane Goldman who is notably without writing partner Matthew Vaughn.

James Watkins directs, and you may know him for directing Eden Lake which he also wrote, and he's been responsible for writing My Little Eye, Gone and The Descent: Part II, which is not the best of his crop.

Throw in a cast that has Daniel Radcliffe, Ciarán Hinds, Janet McTeer and Shaun Dooley, and I think we're looking at a strong film. Oh, perhaps you're not convinced, well have a look at the trailer which builds slowly and carefully, doesn't reveal too much, and any scares that it has are delivered at an excellent pace and show just enough. I love it.

The film tells the story of a young lawyer who heads out to a remote village where he is to close the estate of a recently deceased client. There he discovers that the house is haunted, and the ghost is seeking revenge.

Here's the trailer for The Woman in Black:

Seriously, how good is that? I have to say I'm always desperate for some good horror/thriller films and British cinema hasn't really been delivering them at the top end for some time. Could this be a sign of things to come?



OH MY! That looks very very promising. I am a huge fan of the Susan Hill novel and love the made for TV version. In fact I remember hunting down the rare VHS TV version in a marketstall in the 1990s and now I own it on R1 DVD. In my top 10 movies of all time!

The trailer is cracking. Radcliffe should make a superb Arthur Kidd and I love the old dolls and kids toys. My only very minor complaints are

1) why an american accent for the voiceover?
2) maybe the outside of the house is *too* spooky and not subtle enough?

Really really looking forward to this. Have you seen the original Richard? Did I inflict that on you during one of our late night whisky sessions? If not, we really should! Plus it deviates from the book a little so hopefully this will be a little different as well.

You've never inflicted that on me Dave, I think it was just foreign films! I'm up for it though, most definitely.

The American voice over is simple, sell it to America!

The stage version is still running in the West End, might go and see that first then see this one on DVD.

I would love to see the stage version too, but definitely after the film for me.

As an American, I also found the American accent in the trailer a bit jarring. I cringe every time I hear it.

If they really did that in order to better "sell it to Americans", well, that's just embarrassing...

Let's hope that's the extent of their pandering, and that they didn't also slap some stupid "happy ending" onto it. (Yay! He solved the mystery and now she gets to go to heaven!)

I also really hope they didn't abuse CGI to try to make the woman look scarier.

I'm a huge fan of the 1989 made-for-TV version, which manages to be *completely* terrifying without any special effects whatsoever.


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