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Tom Cruise drives an F1 car, films to come?

TomCruise-RBRF1.jpgI'm still waiting to see some footage come from this, but while the awesome Scottish racing driver David Coulthard was out in Austin, Texas with Red Bull Racing promoting Formula 1 which is soon to return to America, he took a little detour with the team and went to visit one film star who likes racing, none other than Tom Cruise.

It wasn't just to show him the car or have a chat, much more than that it was to let him drive the car, and in a session that lasted seven hours and saw him come within four seconds of Coulthard's fastest speed trap time.

Now to put things in perspective here that does not mean he was within four seconds of David Coulthard's lap time around a circuit, after all Coulthard is a seasoned racer including years in Formula 1, no it means that on one of the laps, on the straight where speed traps are placed, he came within those four seconds.

All rather exciting, and we, as is Autoblog where I caught the Red Bull Racing story, are waiting for a video to arrive.

What does this all have to do with films apart from the fact that Tom Cruise is a film star? Well it's another hope that perhaps we'll get to see more Formula 1 films. After all Cruise loves driving, he loves fast cars and it's a fair bet that the resurgence of F1 in America might just spark the interest in more films on the sport.

After all Senna is doing rather well over there, Ron Howard is working on the Niki Lauda film, and F1 is filled with amazing stories ranging from the drivers to the behind the scenes politics, and since Grand Prix it's never really had the treatment it deserves.

Could F1 get more exposure in Hollywood as it returns to America? I hope so, and maybe Tom Cruise will play a small part in it, and if Howard's F1 film Rush takes off, so will he.



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