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War Games remake losing itself?

WarGames.jpgI'm starting to wonder if the remake of WarGames is going to be a good thing. Although I always wonder if remakes are anything more than an attempt to save money on development where a studio sees the possibility of new effects and film-making delivering something bigger than the first, there was potential for a new WarGames to do just that, modernise itself and deliver a stronger story.

However with the announcement of a writer to join the announced director of the project I'm not sure if the film is going in the right direction anymore.

Noah Oppenheim has been tasked with writing the script for the new film according to The Hollywood Reporter. He's a television producer who has written a script for a potential project called Jackie O which has been receiving a lot of positivity around Hollywood, but that's about it.

Now drop in the fact that Seth Gordon is set to direct the film and I'm really not sure what we're looking at anymore.

Gordon directed the excellent The King of Kong (Filmstalker review) and Freakonomics, but he also directed Four Christmases and Horrible Bosses. I would suggest that his two documentaries are very positive, but then there are equally negatives in there to leave you scratching your head a little as to whether he'd be right for the film.

With MGM banking their future on a few titles, including a remake of Carrie and RoboCop, I wonder if a remake of WarGames is also what they need. In fact I wonder if a remake of any of these is what they need.

The original film was directed by John Badham and starred Matthew Broderick as a boy showing off to his potential girlfriend, played by Ally Sheedy, what he could do with an acoustic coupler and a computer - that's a modem for you young kids out there - and accidentally connecting to the U.S. defence computer and beginning a World War III simulation with it which turns out to be slightly more than a simulation.

It's a great film that is massively out of date these days, but with nuclear treaties to reduce the number of nuclear weapons, the lack of a major nuclear superpower enemy, and the absence of a Cold War, I wonder if any of this will be relevant anymore and if the whole story would have to be reworked into something more modern. Perhaps we'd have to see him breaking into something like SkyNet and launching conventional wars against a number of foreign powers?

Story problems aside I'm not sure if this is the right line-up of talent for the film, there are either some possibilities or no knowledge from the names involved, and that has me jittery, so imagine what the heads of MGM are thinking right now, they have a company to save.



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