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Wilde not sure about Linda Lovelace film

OliviaWilde.jpgLast week Olivia Wilde was connected with another Linda Lovelace biographical film, there are two on the go at the moment, and she said that she's thinking about the role, and when asked about the possibility on the red carpet the other day she said again that she's still considering it.

It's a bold move for an actress to take the role, especially considering how adult films are viewed in America, and if not handled correctly it could really prove to be a career breaker. So I wonder if that's why we haven't seen a star take up the role so far?

The first Lovelace film is called Inferno, that's the one that Anna Faris and then Lindsay Lohan was in for a while but then moved to Malin Akerman. Although there's still no movement on the film from Matthew Wilder, it does seem to be the one that was set to tell the tale first, although it has been close to starting for a very long time.

The second film, Lovelace, and the one that Olivia Wilde seems to be considering, is from Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, and in the past we heard that Kate Hudson was going to be playing the lead. That too, like Lohan, seems to have moved on, although this pair for work reasons, not legal and psychological reasons.

Previously we heard that the film was going to look at her life through the eyes of three people who knew her at various stages of her life, using the biographical novel by Eric Danville called The Complete Linda Lovelace. What form it takes now we're not sure.

Olivia Wilde revealed in E!Online through The Playlist that she was considering the role saying:

"It would be a tremendous honor...It's such a cool role. She was a fascinating woman-with where she came from to Deep Throat to then working with Gloria Steinem and Nora Ephron. It's really fascinating."

It is, and I'm glad she has that attitude. There are many sides to this story and it's one where the opposing views of pornography and adult entertainment really clash. Linda Lovelace apparently went through some serious abuse on the film, even to do the film itself, and eventually she retired from the adult industry and began campaigning against it, although her life outside the industry was as wild as it was inside. Others say that this wasn't the case on set, and it's always hard to know who to believe, but whatever way the story is told it's still a sad and complex tale.

What I hope is that any of the Linda Lovelace biographical films doesn't take a stand on one side or the other and presents facts as drama. I don't want to be preached at, but see the actual story behind the star of Deep Throat and then the anti-pornography campaigner.

The problem that Wilde has to consider is that, and cue general sweeping statement, pornography in America is evil - the caveat here is that this is to public figures and groups, not so much to the individuals who either don't care or are lapping it up.

To the film industry, it's pretty much a poisoned chalice. The MPAA will call it Satan and mark it R rated as sex corrupts more than guns, violence, the news and videogames, and it will hit a tiny percentage of cinema screens. Mind you, if it is made in the right way and carries the correct tone and story, this could do really well overseas.

Is it a direction that Olivia Wilde would want to take and risk the role becoming a defining moment for her career? Well if it went well it would pay off, if it didn't.

Speaking to MTV it's clear she's giving it some hard thought.

"I don't know yet, but it would be interesting...Right now I'm being really careful and enjoying that the work I have done has actually come out...As an actor sometimes you do work that is never seen so it's really an honor to bring these movies to the screen and to show millions of people."

Interesting comments and I think reflective of what I was saying. She's being very careful but it would seem she is open to making smaller, independent films that might not get the big audience that her blockbuster roles do.

It's a difficult choice though.



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