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September 30, 2011


Blu-ray Four Stars
I remember first watching Manhunter not too soon after it was released and there were a number of things that had a big impact on me. There was William Petersen, Brian Cox, the Michael Mann excellent visuals, a couple of powerful musical choices, and the slower more thoughtful pace of...

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Is the death knoll sounding for 3D?

A story caught my eye a few months back that made me think about which way 3D was heading, news that a major game publisher had decided not to bother with 3D anymore, and then just the other day the news came out about Sony removing the funding for 3D...

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New I Melt with You trailer

This is an intriguing film and an equally intriguing trailer. The first trailer I saw for I Melt With You was back in 2010, in fact fourteen months ago almost to the day, and it caught my eye for the visuals, the cast, and the promise of the story, a...

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The Thing Russian trailer shows more

A new trailer for the prequel to The Thing called, confusingly, The Thing, is soon to be seen and there's a new trailer online to show it off. The bad news is it's in Russian, the good news is that it has plenty of footage to show off, from the...

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Contraband trailer

The trailer for the film Contraband does make it look like the film is a loose remake of the original as there's a lot more action here, mind you I haven't seen the original so I'm not sure what the style and tone was. This new Contraband looks like it's...

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Paranormal Activity 3 trailer

I'm not a fan of the Paranormal Activity (Filmstalker review) films, the first one didn't scare me a jot and with stock scares, expected beats that we see coming a mile off, and convoluted use of cameras going against character, it all was far too faked and flat for me....

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September 28, 2011

Dead Island the movie, another Resident Evil?

Dead Island looks like the next videogame to make it to a film, and with some urgency too. Lionsgate leapt after the rights when the trailer for the game was released online, the trailer which you can also see right here, not just because of the stylish trailer but because...

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Wanted 2 gains Wanted writers

Mark Millar has been saying it for some time and people have been deriding him, and now we hear from the writers of Wanted (Filmstalker review) that they've been hired to write the script for the sequel, Wanted 2. We've heard Millar talking before about the project coming to life...

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New Prometheus plot

So there's been a new Prometheus plot been revealed online and it tells us what the set-up for the film is and what it is most definitely not. It is not Alien, but there could be aliens in it, and it is not about the race of creatures that piloted...

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September 27, 2011

Verhoeven's crowd sourced film

Paul Verhoeven has revealed his latest project, and it's rather a unique one. In fact it's two rather unique ones. Having already secured budget he's going to crowd source the entire film, and not just casting, but everything about it from scripting onwards, and while the public will be making...

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Red Dawn remake remake to be released

Let me just point out that there isn't a mistype in the headline of the story, I did mean to use the word remake twice, for the remake of Red Dawn has been remade already, before its release, although the remake has been a cosmetic CG one. Originally the film...

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John Dies at the End trailer

For many people this will mean little and the trailer will confuse and perhaps turn off some of you, but those who know the writer and director Don Coscarelli should be viewing this with a whole different set of eyes. Probably ones that belong to some of the strange creatures...

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Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey

Here's a film you wouldn't expect to see, a documentary about the man behind Elmo, the loveable Sesame Street character. How he came to love what he does and joins the master of television and film puppetry, Jim Henson, and also how the character of Elmo came to life. Even...

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September 26, 2011


Film Four Stars
So what are, or were, you thinking about Warrior before you went to see it? For me I was excited by Tom Hardy, as I do love his performances, and Gavin O'Connor who directed and co-wrote. There was also the additional draw of Nick Nolte, Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Morrison....

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Blade Runner sequel gains writer?

We know that Ridley Scott is looking to tackle a new Blade Runner story, and whether that is a sequel, a prequel or a new story in the same universe we're not entirely sure yet, after all look at what has allegedly happened to the Alien prequel? It's off in...

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Padilha talks RoboCop remake

José Padilha directed Bus 174 (Ônibus 174) (Filmstalker review), Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite) (Filmstalker review) and Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within, and now he's leapt over to Hollywood and is set to direct the planned remake of RoboCop. To some it may sound a fair leap, but to...

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BBC's Conviction adapted for film with Bettany and Cox

The BBC's mini-series Conviction is going to be remade for film and is gaining a rather interesting cast line-up as well as keeping it very British in the process. The series followed two policemen investigating the murder of a twelve year old girl and looked at the idea that everyone...

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The Lone Ranger film mounts up

...again. After The Lone Ranger was delayed, and it was delayed not cancelled, to rework the budget and try and get it down to something more manageable we heard rumours of what was happening from straight cancelling of the project through to re-casting of actors. Now thought it appears nothing...

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Killer Elite red band trailer

If you haven't seen it yet then perhaps it's time to get to the cinema, especially if you like you're action with a bit of cheese and plenty of enjoyment. Killer Elite may be based on a true story but I suspect the film is more action entertainment than anything...

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September 23, 2011

Man on a Ledge trailer

Man on a Ledge is an interesting trailer. It's a film about a man who is, quite literally and figuratively, on a ledge. He walks out onto the ledge of a twenty story building threatening to kill himself saying that he's been setup to take the fall for a burglary...

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Donaldson's thriller Justice gains trailer

Guy Pearce, why don't we see him in more films? Roger Donaldson's new thriller is called Justice and features Pearce as well as Nicolas Cage, January Jones, Jennifer Carpenter, Harold Perrineau and Xander Berkeley. The story reminds me of some of the older thrillers from days past, thrillers that I...

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Thor 2 gains director, plot and cast?

Thor 2 looks to be moving ahead rather fast, considering that there's the Justice League film to come yet I'm surprised that the studio is moving ahead with the sequel to the impressive Thor (Filmstalker review) so quickly, but it is. It would seem that there's a director ready to...

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September 22, 2011

Scarface remake, oh no, it's really not a remake

Scarface is getting remade. Oh no I've done it again, sorry executives, producers and marketing spin people, of course it's not a remake, especially not after you explained why it's not a remake to us all. No, it's not a remake. There's going to be a new Scarface film, except...

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The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo remake new trailer

There's a new trailer online for the American remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, you know the one from David Fincher that had the previous trailer with the banging soundtrack and images cut in time to the beat? Well now there's a new one and this really leaps...

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The Grey trailer has man against wolf

Short. That's what I thought of the trailer. It's highly efficient telling us the story without letting much else out and giving us a look at the wolves that are hunting the survivors of a plane crash in Alaska, and one man who decides to do one thing and one...

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Helvetica director's Urbanized trailer

The trailer for Urbanized (read urbanised for us English writers) marks the the third film for director Gary Hustwit on design, first he had Helvetica, then Objectified, and now Urbanized. The film looks at the people who design cities, what they do, how they do it and what affect it...

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The Deep Blue Sea trailer

The Deep Blue Sea comes from a play by Terence Rattigan that Terence Davies adapted and directed, it stars Rachel Weisz, Tom Hiddleston and Simon Russell Beale, and the trailer that has been let loose on the internet certainly looks and sounds good, although it's not telling us much of...

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September 21, 2011

Terminator 5 loses Justin Lin? Franchise to end?

It appears that producer Megan Ellison and the returning Arnold Schwarzenegger have made Terminator 5 a priority and want to get it made and released for next year, that's a tough task for anyone but when your director, Justin Lin, is focused on delivering another big franchise film in the...

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Bonnie and Clyde remake gains new actress

I'm surprised that the remake of Bonnie and Clyde is still going considering the alleged severance pay they have had to hand over to Hilary Duff because she got pregnant and they had to sack her since the film does not feature a pregnant lead and considering some of the...

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Madonna struggling with W.E.?

Madonna may have been quoted out of context when she recently said "I hope it's over soon" talking about her film W.E., but she certainly isn't finished with the film after the run it had at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals. After critics had their way with the film...

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Chan and Li deliver 1911 trailer

Zhang Li and Jackie Chan directed 1911 and have delivered an English language trailer for the film, well it has some English language titles and a stirring score with no other audio, which is just as good. The film stars Jackie Chan, Joan Chen, Bing Bing Li, Jaycee Chan, Winston...

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September 20, 2011

The Thing adult only trailer reveals too much?

What we needed from the trailer for The Thing was to hint at what was coming, to show us the beats we expect to see and then hint at what more we're getting over John Carpenter's The Thing. Instead what we receive are a series of snapshots showing the creature...

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Eastwood's J. Edgar trailer arrives

"Even great men can be corrupted", and that's what the trailer for Clint Eastwood's upcoming biographical film about the man behind the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, suggests, that the man himself became corrupted by the power he had, even rising to control over Presidents. There is indeed a hint of...

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Margin Call new trailer hits home

Margin Call is a film which is merely inspired by actual events, don't take it as fact, but it does lay down a frightening scenario of big business and should reflect some actual stories of what happened the day the markets fell. The film boasts a great cast with Kevin...

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Arnold's Wuthering Heights trailer

Andrea Arnold's interpretation of Wuthering Heights has been receiving a lot of praise, comments such as bold, beautiful, brave, impressive, extraordinary, are all being associated with reviews about the film, and the first trailer has arrived. Well I'd call it a teaser more than anything and if it wasn't associated...

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September 19, 2011

Weaver returns for Avatar 2 and 3

If you've seen Avatar (Filmstalker review) you would be questioning the title of this story, but at the same time you would be the very people understanding the title too. It's almost impossible not to give something away writing about this but I will try my best, indeed you've probably...

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[REC] 3 Genesis teaser arrives

It's a nice little teaser for [REC] 3 Genesis, however at the same time it's a little confusing as the title suggests it's the beginning and yet as far as we know this is going to take place after the events of the previous two films where the infection breaks...

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New Outrage (Autoreiji) trailer

There's a new trailer for Outrage (Autoreiji) online and it has an English language voiceover to go with it. While I know it was released last year in certain countries, I'm wondering if the new trailer is for an upcoming release in Europe or America, for the Takeshi Kitano written,...

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September 17, 2011

Cross of Iron

Blu-ray Three Stars
Sam Peckinpah, James Coburn, James Mason, Maximillian Schell, David Warner, the names just scream classic film at you, and it is a classic. The film is hailed as one of the best anti-war films made and has been inspirational to names such as Quentin Tarantino and Kathryn Bigelow. This is...

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Julia's Eyes (Los ojos de Julia)

Film Four Stars
I was interested in seeing what was to come from the director Guillem Morales after I'd seen the clever, engaging and visually rich file The Uninvited Guest. I remember thinking how clever it was to make the story work on screen and also how well it overcame some of the...

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September 16, 2011

Ellison sues In Time to prevent release

Harlan Ellison is suing the upcoming Andrew Niccol film In Time starring Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried and Cillian Murphy because he believes it shares far too many similarities to a 1965 story of his called Repent, Harlequin! Said The Ticktockman. He's suing to have the film prevented from release, all...

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The Awakening British ghost trailer

So is this the current direction of British film, are we in for a spate of ghostly thrillers? Well you know what, I don't mind if we are for they look intelligent, strong and creepy, they aren't slap dash, and that goes for this trailer for the ghost thriller The...

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Premium Rush trailer with MacAskill?

Okay so Premium Rush is a film about cycle couriers, well I might have harked back to my days of watching Dark Angel for a moment, but this is slightly different, an action thriller centred around a courier who has been asked to deliver a package that some people want...

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New The Howling: Reborn trailer looks better

There's a new trailer for the, hopefully for the studio, Howling franchise restart film called The Howling: Reborn. The first trailer just looked like a Twilight film, teenagers at school who get caught up with a group of werewolves and so on, but the new trailer looks a fair bit...

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The Son of No One trailer with Liotta, Binoche and Pacino

I saw this trailer a little while ago and I came out a little confused and uninterested, it just didn't grab me, and this second showing is doing the same thing, even though it features Al Pacino, Ray Liotta, Juliette Binoche, Katie Holmes and Channing Tatum. Directed and written by...

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September 15, 2011

Spielberg talks Indiana Jones V

There are two interesting things in this talk that Steven Spielberg gives, one is about the possibility of a fifth Indiana Jones film, and the other is about is comments which could be construed as a veiled dig at George Lucas and his Star Wars, or perhaps more a playful...

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Eastwood and DiCaprio talk J. Edgar

Clint Eastwood has been trying to put to bed the idea that his film about J. Edgar Hoover is just about the alleged gay relationship of Hoover and the Associate Director of the FBI Clyde Tolson, the rumour that Hoover was gay, and the other more salubrious rumours that he...

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Top Gun in 3D

Top Gun looks like it's getting a release, in 3D no less, but there's no remake involved or re-anything, what's actually happening is that they're converting the original film into 3D and if all goes well it will be released back into the cinema. Of course the sequel to Top...

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Sarah Palin - You Betcha! documentary trailer

Nick Broomfield has been responsible for some great documentaries, Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer might be the one you remember most, or Fetishes, Kurt & Courtney, Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam, Biggie and Tupac, there are many in his long career and he's superb at making them and...

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13 remake theatrical trailer has it all

...and too much I'd say. Watching the trailer for the remake of 13 I'm shocked that they've put so much in, watch the whole thing, see the final two scenes of the trailer, and if you've seen the original you'll definitely be thinking that you're seeing the remake follow exactly...

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Crowe's We Bought a Zoo trailer

The trailer for Cameron Crowe's We Bought a Zoo has arrived and it's looking like Crowe has managed to hit all the right marks with the film, and in particular the trailer. It looks like it's going to carry the Crowe magic and tug on our heartstrings at every opportunity....

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96 Minutes trailer teases

Watching 96 Minutes and reading the blurb I'm inclined to remember a number of films about a group of people for whom events turn very bad all in one night in a place where they shouldn't be, films that for me started with Judgement Night. However 96 Minutes may have...

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September 13, 2011

Hell and Back Again trailer

Danfung Dennis is the man behind this documentary that won the Grand Jury Prize in World Cinema - Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival and Best Documentary at the Moscow Film Festival and it doesn't look like your average film about war or soldiers at war, this film is about...

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Take Shelter trailer

I hadn't heard much about Take Shelter until this morning, and the good news is that the trailer is really intriguing and Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain star in the film that's written and directed by Jeff Nichols. I'm really curious as to where the story is going to go,...

Read the full story "Take Shelter trailer" »

Point Break remake moves forward

What happened to the Point Break sequel which was to be directed by Jan de Bont? Well Point Break: Indo seems to have passed by quietly as news is the next Point Break we see will be a remake, not a sequel. Hardly surprising considering Patrick Swayze wouldn't be making...

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September 12, 2011

The Raid trailer is non-stop action

The trailer for The Raid is indeed non-stop action, the latter half is also filled with some surprisingly strong action and effects sequences that ensure that it well deserves and over 18 only sticker, or the MPAA's red band-ness. The film sees twenty armed elite police conducting a raid on...

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Arnie considering change of style with Captive?

It sounds a little strange to me, but perhaps it's an acknowledgement of time gone by, but Arnold Schwarzenegger is in talks to star in a film called Captive which currently has a plot which suggests he's not the all action hero that he used to be. Perhaps he is...

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Gibson to direct ancient Jewish warrior film

The news sites are awash with the talk of Mel Gibson directing a film about a famous Jewish character celebrated for being one of the greatest Jewish warriors. Stories with words like "shock", "why" and "explanation" are appearing, as though it needed an explanation. He's a film-maker isn't he? He's...

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September 11, 2011

The Cruel Sea

Blu-ray Three Stars
You're probably thinking "here's another old war film" and you would be right, this is another old war film, but there's something very different about this film about war at sea made in 1953, for this is one of the more realistic portrayals of the war waged at sea that...

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Filmstalker's Films for September 2011

There's a real mix of films this month, even in my selections as I range from British thrillers to American comedies, yes I am actually suggesting a couple might be worth looking at this month, and from the intellectually challenging to the sheer straight entertainment. You do have to remember...

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September 9, 2011

Stalked: Ron Howard; Les Miserables; John Malkovich; Joe Wright; Anna Karenina; David Twohy; The Leonardo Job; Europa

Howard for Superhero film... Crowe, Hathaway Carter for Les Meserables... Malkovich becoming Zombie... Wright directing Anna Karenina... Twhoy's The Leonardo Job to be made... Europa gets a revisit......

Read the full story "Stalked: Ron Howard; Les Miserables; John Malkovich; Joe Wright; Anna Karenina; David Twohy; The Leonardo Job; Europa" »

September 8, 2011


Film Three Stars
I like to think I'm an expert at forgetting information I hear about a film just before I watch it, or rather just push it to the back of my mind, but with Colombiana I couldn't stop thinking of this as a "spiritual sequel" to Leon. It certainly seems that...

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Spielberg's Robopocalypse gains deal

Well almost, it seems that the film about humans fighting against an uprising of robots adapted from the Daniel H. Wilson novel is going to happen as DreamWorks and 20th Century Fox are close to signing a deal to co-finance the film. I would think it would need co-financing considering...

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Hellraiser remake falters

It looks like the two men who were attached to the big screen remake of Hellraiser may not be seeing it happen with their names on the main titles, or perhaps anyone's names for that matter. The recent straight to DVD effort for Hellraiser was set to ensure that Dimension...

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September 7, 2011

Rush filming real F1 cars in 35mm

I'm really excited that Ron Howard is making a film about Formula One, although more importantly it's about Niki Lauda and the fight for the championship against James Hunt that almost ended in tragedy but saw one of the most amazing comeback stories you'll ever hear about. This could pave...

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The Expendables 2 casting excites

There's some news on the casting for The Expendables 2 with a rumoured cast list appearing and more importantly confirmation of three of its biggest stars returning for more than they were in the first film. Well, that's not entirely true, obviously Sylvester Stallone is returning to be one of...

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Retreat trailer hints at real answer?

There's a new trailer out for the film Retreat, starring Cillian Murphy, Thandie Newton and the only one with an easy to spell name, Jamie Bell, and set on a remote Scottish island. The film sees a couple alone on an island until a soldier is washed up on shore...

Read the full story "Retreat trailer hints at real answer?" »

Trier's Nymphomaniac to star Skarsgard and Dafoe?

Lars von Trier is set to make a film called Nymphomaniac which will explore the female sexuality from the ages zero to fifty, those aren't my words and it has me a little concerned about exploring the topic at the lower end of the age range, but the first comments...

Read the full story "Trier's Nymphomaniac to star Skarsgard and Dafoe?" »

September 5, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens

Film Four Stars
Cowboys & Aliens sounds like a silly idea, as do many of the crossovers we're hearing about coming to film, but there were many factors behind the film that were making us believe in it. Jon Favreau was the first, directing the film after his Iron Man double was perhaps...

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Film One Star
Brian De Palma making a film about true and harrowing events in Iraq where a group of soldiers seemed to mirror some of the events of one of his own film, Casualties of War, with the rape of a girl and the murder of a family to cover it all...

Read the full story "Redacted" »

Duff paid off from Bonnie and Clyde remake

The story of Hilary Duff being paid off from the planned remake of Bonnie and Clyde caught my attention last week and made me wonder if the makers of the film had realised the poor move they were making, one that was made clear by the star of the original,...

Read the full story "Duff paid off from Bonnie and Clyde remake" »

3 Trailer from Tom Tykwer

I hadn't heard much about Tom Tykwer's new film until now, and I'm rather thankful, for the reveal of the trailer is superb and raised a smile while I started thinking about what it would hold for the characters. Tykwer has delivered films from Run Lola Run to Perfume: The...

Read the full story "3 Trailer from Tom Tykwer" »

Inbetweeners Movie feature trailer

I have to admit I've not watched the Inbetweeners on television before and so the trailer for the film means a lot less to me than it will to others who have watched the series and know the characters well, and yet there's an appeal and recognition in many of...

Read the full story "Inbetweeners Movie feature trailer" »

Stalked: New trailers for Melancholia, A Dangerous Method, Blackthorn and Warrior

Rather than force a whole new article for each of these trailers, a quick paragraph is all that's needed so you can get to the meat of the article, the new trailers for Melancholia, A Dangerous Method, Blackthorn and Warrior themselves. Blackthorn intrigues me, as we see Butch Cassidy as...

Read the full story "Stalked: New trailers for Melancholia, A Dangerous Method, Blackthorn and Warrior" »

The Market trailer set to shock

The trailer for The Market lays down what the documentary is about very clearly and builds the base for a very shocking documentary to come. A mother of two suffering kidney failure and on a waiting list for five years, a woman in India selling her kidney through a broker...

Read the full story "The Market trailer set to shock" »

September 4, 2011


Digital Five Stars
Paul had some great things going for it, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are probably the two biggest things going for it. They were not only acting but they had also written the script, although as much as we might have wanted it to continue the fantastic run of films...

Read the full story "Paul" »

The Big Lebowski

Digital Three Stars
It's strange when you come to watch a film that is considering to be, or is undoubtedly going to end up as, a cult classic, especially when you've been writing about and watching films for years and years. The perfect example is The Big Lebowski. I mentioned on Twitter that...

Read the full story "The Big Lebowski" »

September 2, 2011

Levy to deliver first Frankenstein?

There are a number of Frankenstein projects on the go just now and as usual when Hollywood leaps on an idea the ones that are there first are the ones that tend to get made and grab the glory, and so it's good news for 20th Century Fox who have...

Read the full story "Levy to deliver first Frankenstein?" »

Star Wars on Blu-ray, Lucas edits again

Word has been coming out of late that since George Lucas has decided to release Star Wars on Blu-ray that he has been tinkering with things again, adding more CG, changing scenes, altering dialogue and all sorts. It would seem he's never happy with Star Wars as it is. However...

Read the full story "Star Wars on Blu-ray, Lucas edits again" »

Margaret trailer looks emotionally tough

The trailer for Margaret starts the film off in one direction and very suddenly turns it in another. Starring Anna Paquin, Matt Damon, Mark Ruffalo and written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan, the film shows a young woman caught up in some hugely consequential dilemmas that threaten to overshadow her...

Read the full story "Margaret trailer looks emotionally tough" »

Martha Marcy May Marlene caught in a cult

Martha Marcy May Marlene is a hell of a title for a film, but it almost doesn't matter how long the title is when you have a trailer this interesting. The film is about a young woman and her life before, during and after being caught up in a cult,...

Read the full story "Martha Marcy May Marlene caught in a cult" »

The Squad trailer sets up the intrigue

There's been a fair bit of talk of The Squad (El paramo) and even word that Hollywood are looking to remake it already, but I've not seen anything of it, until now. The film is set in the civil war of Colombia where the army have lost contact with an...

Read the full story "The Squad trailer sets up the intrigue" »

September 1, 2011

Die Hard 5 in talks with director

So the next instalment of Die Hard is in talks with a director right now, we knew it was happening and that it was looking for one, but who knew that the director they would be talking to would be the one who directed the following films - Behind Enemy...

Read the full story "Die Hard 5 in talks with director" »

New A Lonely Place to Die trailer reveals too much?

I criticised the previous trailer for A Lonely Place to Die for revealing a little too much of what happens after the climbers meet the kidnappers in the remote hills of Scotland, and this trailer goes even further, showing more footage of that and even ending with a scene that...

Read the full story "New A Lonely Place to Die trailer reveals too much?" »

The Double trailer with Gere reveals everything

This trailer is unbelievable. It appears to reveal everything about the story behind the film, all barring the ultimate ending, and I find that incredible for what looked set to be a really strong thriller. I would urge the studio to withdraw this trailer immediately, but then I'm still going...

Read the full story "The Double trailer with Gere reveals everything" »

The Heineken Kidnapping trailer

I know the trailer for The Heineken Kidnapping (De Heineken ontvoering) isn't in English, but even for us English speakers the trailer still looks a powerful one, and I've managed to stay away from reading anything about the kidnapping in real life, for it is based on the true story,...

Read the full story "The Heineken Kidnapping trailer" »

The Avengers tie-in short film

This is rather clever of Marvel, there are still loose ends and threads to tie together to get to The Avengers film, and even there are some characters who haven't received their own film and back story, and yet we're about to see The Avengers arrive on the big screen....

Read the full story "The Avengers tie-in short film" »


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