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13 remake theatrical trailer has it all

13Remake.jpg...and too much I'd say. Watching the trailer for the remake of 13 I'm shocked that they've put so much in, watch the whole thing, see the final two scenes of the trailer, and if you've seen the original you'll definitely be thinking that you're seeing the remake follow exactly the same path.

Frankly I can't believe they've shown that last moment, perhaps it's because the remake doesn't follow the same story as the original, but then why suggest to us that it is and threaten putting us off it?

The remake of 13 Tzameti (Filmstalker review), simply called 13, is directed by Géla Babluani who co-wrote the screenplay with Gregg Pruss, and stars a great list of names including Jason Statham, Sam Riley, Alexander Skarsgård, Ray Winstone, Mickey Rourke, 50 Cent, Michael Shannon, David Zayas, Ben Gazzara, and more.

Oh and if anyone is wondering, Géla Babluani is the writer and director of the original film which I thought was good but was lacking in a number of places.

Here's the blurb for the new film:

A naive young man named Vince (Sam Riley) assumes another man's identity and finds himself embroiled in an underground world of power and chance, where men gamble behind closed doors with others' lives.

So what about the trailer? Well it looks good. The big faces get some screen time and a few look like they are delivering strong performances, the key scenes from the original and the original trailer are there to build the tension, and there are more participants than before.

The big issue is that closing shot, and for those of us who have seen the original and want to take the chance watching it, I think it reveals a little too much of the story. Most of us of course won't know because we haven't see it, but beware.

Here's the trailer for 13 from Yahoo Movies who have it in high definition through First Showing:



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