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Arnold's Wuthering Heights trailer

ArnoldsWutheringHeights.jpgAndrea Arnold's interpretation of Wuthering Heights has been receiving a lot of praise, comments such as bold, beautiful, brave, impressive, extraordinary, are all being associated with reviews about the film, and the first trailer has arrived.

Well I'd call it a teaser more than anything and if it wasn't associated with the name and the film that it is I'd probably write it off as a handheld low budget film that wouldn't interest me in the slightest.

Let's face it, nothing really happens in the trailer it's just a series of shots, mostly darker shots, with a lot of wind noise over the top. That's the trailer. It does show us the two main characters and we hear from the female voiceover that the male character has broken her heart, and without the title of Wuthering Heights we would have no real idea, and that's why the trailer works so well.

It works because we know the story, there's no need to deliver what we already know or expect, so it concentrates on our senses and on a mood and evokes the feelings of this new Wuthering Heights.

Of course what really captures me is the fact that Andrea Arnold is directing, other than that I could quite easily let the film go, apart from the glimmer that Olivia Hetreed adapted the screenplay, she also adapted Girl With the Pearl Earring. What about you?

Here's the Wuthering Heights trailer through The Guardian. It features Kaya Scodelario and James Howson as Cathy and Heathcliff.



Oddly I have read Wuthering Heights twice this year (dont ask!). The trailer looks like it has captured the desolate atmosphere of the novel and that appeals to me. The guardian review, however, states that Heathcliff says "f**k you all, you c*nts" at one point. In that case you might as well have aliens and zomibes turning up halfway through..

Well I did feel that they were modernising the story, that's something I get from Arnold more than the trailer.

Is she trying to do the Romeo & Juliet modernised version of Wuthering Heights?

Gripping & bracing and "visually arresting" come to mind. Gritty, naturalist textures, but choc-full of humanity like Zola or Thomas Hardy; full of the surging force of tragedy. I love the blurry impressionistic shots.


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