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Die Hard 5 in talks with director

LiveFreeDieHard.jpgSo the next instalment of Die Hard is in talks with a director right now, we knew it was happening and that it was looking for one, but who knew that the director they would be talking to would be the one who directed the following films - Behind Enemy Lines, Flight of the Pheonix, The Omen and Max Payne.

Now you can see something in all of those films that would suit a Die Hard, although we should scoot right over The Omen, but it is a surprise considering the other names associated with the project and that there was previously a director chosen.

We previously heard that Noam Murro was set to direct the film that we knew last year the writer Skip Woods was working on. Well he delivered the script and Murro moved onto Xerxes or 300: Battle of Artemisia, so the film was looking for a new director.

They returned to the previous list they had of John Moore, Joe Cornish and Nicolas Winding Refn, and it would seem John Moore is the one moving forward with talks to direct.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that he's in talks right now, and that usually means that they are negotiating the finer points of the deal and he'll be the one announced in a few days.

Now while I'm wary of the idea of bringing in McClane's son as it reeks of a "The Adventures of Young Die Hard" idea, of passing on the franchise to a younger character to keep going as is the Hollywood executive want, I'm intrigued by the combination of writer and director.

It depends what film you pick from Moore's career as a comparison, but if you cherry pick parts from each, The Omen aside, you can end up with a very positive view for a new Die Hard film.

The question is will he deliver, and has the script avoiding the handover to the younger generation trap and instead builds on the sidekick idea that we saw in the rather strong Live Free or Die Hard (Filmstalker review)?



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