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Duff paid off from Bonnie and Clyde remake

BonnieandClyde-HilaryDuff.jpgThe story of Hilary Duff being paid off from the planned remake of Bonnie and Clyde caught my attention last week and made me wonder if the makers of the film had realised the poor move they were making, one that was made clear by the star of the original, Faye Dunaway who had commented against the proposed remake and casting.

That didn't stop the film but I thought that this news meant a change of heart from the producers, not so as Duff is being dropped because she is indeed, I can't help saying this, up the duff.

Hilary Duff is pregnant and so the word is that the production company have paid off the actress so that they can go and find someone new, after all they can't film with her pregnant and apparently they don't want to wait for her for the Bonnie and Clyde remake called The Story of Bonnie and Clyde.

You would have thought that in Hollywood there would be the ability to put a clause into contracts to ensure they didn't have to provide a hefty pay out if this sort of thing happens, after all it's all about image and if the actress can't perform the role pregnant and it would cost too much to keep the production on hold, then why would they have to pay her off?

Anyway, human resources aside, that's what the claim was, but the producers are denying that and said that they were told that Hilary Duff would be unavailable for the film and so they went looking for someone new.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Cypress Moon Studios said that they had been told Duff would be unavailable until June of next year and would be unable to work on the film, and due to their obligations to investors and international buyers they had to get a move on with the film, and that means finding a new actress.

Well it is nothing new, but TMZ through The New York Post claims that Duff has received a US $100,000 payment as a severance package because she was dropped due to pregnancy, and that's a cost that the film can ill afford, if it's true that is. She reportedly said that:

"I don't wanna give them any more press than they've already gotten off me ... I think [my] baby is a little bit more exciting."

Well the publicity you've given the film so far hasn't been so good, and perhaps that's given everyone behind the film a moment of relief be it a bonus or a cause.

Previously Faye Dunaway has said "couldn't they hire a real actress" when she was clearly wound up by reporters about the topic of a remake and probably didn't even know who she was. It might be fair to say that the person asking her that question had to explain that she was a Disney child actress and singer which sparked the comment from Dunaway, and a fair comment I'd say too.

Duff then came back with some of that press she was talking about, saying in a public response to Dunaway:

"I think that my fans that are gonna go see the movie don't even know who she is.... I think it was a little unnecessary, but I might be mad if I looked like that now, too."

Rather harsh, personal, and really not what an aspiring actress should be saying to a Hollywood legend and icon such as Faye Dunaway. It was far from good press if you ask me and that comment was set to haunt her all the way to the release date.

So I do think that everyone behind the film is probably thankful she's no longer involved, and perhaps even the bitter pill of an alleged severance payment is preferable to the negative press that could well come back to bite them all come the release of the film when only Duff's fans go and see the film, and that's probably not the kind of film they were trying to make anyway.

Hilary Duff is history, for the Bonnie and Clyde remake anyway, but so is the co-star reports The Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Zegers, as it's announced that he could no longer make the filming date either.

Is this just all working out perfectly now? When you hear the further rumour that Amanda Seyfried was approached to take the lead but was turned down, now if that is true that's quite a leap in talent from Duff to Seyfried.

I wonder if perhaps the producers have taken the Dunaway comments to heart and are looking for bigger and better names for the project? Either way it's good news that the slate is clear to start again, although even then I'm still not sure about a remake, are you?



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