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Eastwood and DiCaprio talk J. Edgar

ClintEastwood.jpgClint Eastwood has been trying to put to bed the idea that his film about J. Edgar Hoover is just about the alleged gay relationship of Hoover and the Associate Director of the FBI Clyde Tolson, the rumour that Hoover was gay, and the other more salubrious rumours that he liked to wear women's clothing.

Meanwhile DiCaprio is happy to lay the uncertainty of the rumours but together it would seem that the direction of the film certainly isn't about the rumours but about the man himself.

Clint Eastwood's next film is J. Edgar, about the man who built and led the FBI and whose life was filled with controversy through his working life as well as his private life, but it's the private life aspects that have captured the mind of the press since the announcement of the film.

Speaking to GQ through USA Today he said:

"I'd heard all the various controversies and gossip-that he wore dresses at parties...Everybody was saying, maybe he's gay because he'd never gotten married. But that's the way they did it back in the '40s. If a guy didn't get married, they always thought, Oh, there's something wrong with him."

Armie Hammer is playing the Associate Director of the FBI Clyde Tolson while Leonardo DiCaprio is playing the man himself, J. Edgar Hoover, and DiCaprio says of the character.

"What we're saying is that he definitely had a relationship with Tolson that lasted for nearly fifty years. Neither of them married. They lived close to one another. They worked together every day. They vacationed together. And there was rumored to be more. There are definite insinuations of-well, I'm not going to get into where it goes"

Eastwood is pretty certain about the direction of the film though as he says:

"It's not a movie about two gay guys. It's a movie about how this guy manipulated everybody around him and managed to stay on through nine presidents. I mean, I don't give a crap if he was gay or not."

For me that's where the real story and the most exciting rumours are, that Hoover held files on famous people and used them as and when needed, manipulating people and as Eastwood says, survived nine Presidents, and that's something huge to think about.



This film certainly interests me. DiCaprio doesn't seem to disappoint but Eastwood's work seems a little too sentimental for me. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

I wonder if it's going to be a little hard to be sentimental in a story about Hoover?


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