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Hell and Back Again trailer

HellAndBackAgain.jpgDanfung Dennis is the man behind this documentary that won the Grand Jury Prize in World Cinema - Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival and Best Documentary at the Moscow Film Festival and it doesn't look like your average film about war or soldiers at war, this film is about one soldier in particular, one man who is wounded while in combat, and follows his life from that point on.

From the looks of the trailer it's a very powerful and personal story with some shocking moments in it.

The blurb for the documentary goes like this:

From his embed with US Marines Echo Company in Afghanistan, photojournalist and filmmaker Danfung Dennis reveals the devastating impact a Taliban machine-gun bullet has on the life of 25-year-old Sergeant Nathan Harris. The film seamlessly transitions from stunning war reportage to an intimate, visceral portrait of one man's personal struggle at home in North Carolina, where Harris confronts the physical and emotional difficulties of re-adjusting to civilian life with the love and support of his wife, Ashley. An unprecedented exploration of the moving image and a film of uncommon intimacy, Hell and Back Again comes full circle as it lays bare the true cost of war.

I really do hope that this is going to deliver a very personal look to the effect that war has on a person, on a real human being, because so often we feel removed from soldier's stories in films and it becomes more about the war or the squad and we hardly ever take a close look at the individual returning home and the problems they face. There have been a few examples, some famous, but this looks like it could be one of the most powerful and insightful, for its real.

Here's the trailer for Hell and Back Again:



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