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Inbetweeners Movie feature trailer

TheInbetweeners.jpgI have to admit I've not watched the Inbetweeners on television before and so the trailer for the film means a lot less to me than it will to others who have watched the series and know the characters well, and yet there's an appeal and recognition in many of them even in this short space of time that draws me to the film, not to mention those dance moves.

Yes, I'm sure this is going to remind me of myself and many of my friends when we were younger, much younger.

The Inbetweeners Movie sees the cast of the television series finish with school and decide to go on a big blowout party holiday abroad. Things aren't quite what they expect when they get there, but there's bound to be friendship, drink, sex and complete disasters.

The blurb for the film just seems to be a list of some of the key disaster moments more than anything, most of which we see in the trailer. Why oh why would they get tattoos of each other's names?

In the film the boys meet a group of four girls while on holiday to Malia, Crete. Scenes are said to include fantasist Jay being terrorised by a nine-year-old local who pulls his swimming trunks down; Will getting sunburn in the shape of a penis; and Neil getting intimate with a dinner lady from his junior school as well as getting a dodgy tattoo. The boys indulge in shambolic skinny-dipping and 'suicide shots' of tequila, while Simon nearly drowns after a boat trip.

Here's the trailer for the much loved television show making an outing on film:

You know I did hear the makers of the film being questioned about why they would want to follow what would appear to be a standard route for television characters to film, send them abroad on holiday for an adventure. Well I think it's actually only happened once before that I remember, but I'm sure I'm under selling that, can anyone else think of the characters who have gone abroad to large it up from a television series?



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