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Killer Elite red band trailer

TheKillerElite.jpgIf you haven't seen it yet then perhaps it's time to get to the cinema, especially if you like you're action with a bit of cheese and plenty of enjoyment. Killer Elite may be based on a true story but I suspect the film is more action entertainment than anything else, and why not?

Set in the seventies with Clive Owen, his moustache and Jason Statham, as well as a healthy dose of a tooled up Robert De Niro? Oh I'm in.

This red bad trailer for Killer Elite has all the elements that an American red band trailer needs, a few swear words, one bloody gunshot wound, one nipple, and plenty of violence. Yep, it ticks the boxes, but what does it tell us over the previous trailer?

Well only that the film can meet the tick boxes to hit the requirements for red band trailer and the crucial piece of information, that it isn't all as cheesy as the trailers have suggested so far.

Still, I'm not sure we needed this, but I'm sure the studio and the marketing people know that it'll reach some more people that haven't been caught by the original so far. Look, Killer Elite is tougher and dirtier than you thought.

Is it that way in the cinema?



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