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Premium Rush trailer with MacAskill?

PremiumRush.jpgOkay so Premium Rush is a film about cycle couriers, well I might have harked back to my days of watching Dark Angel for a moment, but this is slightly different, an action thriller centred around a courier who has been asked to deliver a package that some people want very badly, and it looks like they'll stop at nothing to get hold of it.

It looks kind of like Transporter on bikes, although that's the Hollywood pitch version of the story, it does look a little that way and it doesn't seem a bad thing either.

Premium Rush stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jamie Chung and Michael Shannon and follows a bike messenger (or a cycle courier as others might know them) played by Gordon-Levitt, picking up an envelope that a rather nasty policeman wants to get his hands on. So is set up the chase through the city and as we can see from the trailer they've got someone in to do the rather impressive cycling stunts too.

I thought for a moment that they were hiring Danny MacAskill for the cycling stunts, indeed a bit of research shows that he's done just that and has performed the cycling stunts in the film, but no credit on IMDB, I'm sure there will be on the film itself.

I think the trailer looks pretty strong, there are a few moments where I was wondering just how many stunts from the film we're being shown and if there was anything left to see, but even then we're getting snippets and they look great.

I'm really keen to see this, and it is the cycling aspect that has me hooked plus the fact that David Koepp co-wrote and directed the film, that's got to be a good thing too. It certainly looks action packed and thriller-esque.



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