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[REC] 3 Genesis teaser arrives

REC3.jpgIt's a nice little teaser for [REC] 3 Genesis, however at the same time it's a little confusing as the title suggests it's the beginning and yet as far as we know this is going to take place after the events of the previous two films where the infection breaks out and becomes rampant.

This is even repeated in the teaser itself where we see the wedding photos reveal a group of infected people arriving, then it all turns to chaos.

The teaser for [REC] 3 Genesis is short but rather effective and amusing at the same time. A wedding party is rather rudely interrupted by the infected and suddenly all hell breaks loose, but the closing shot is priceless, I'd love to know what the bride is saying at that point.

There's not much to see here but judging from the strength of [REC] and [REC] 2 (Filmstalker review) I'm willing to bet that this film will be exciting and carry something new to it, after all the second held a big surprise for us all that did something with the story that we wouldn't have expected.

I wonder what [REC] 3 Genesis will bring? Well here's the teaser to start, well, teasing.



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