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Spielberg's Robopocalypse gains deal

Robopocalypse.jpgWell almost, it seems that the film about humans fighting against an uprising of robots adapted from the Daniel H. Wilson novel is going to happen as DreamWorks and 20th Century Fox are close to signing a deal to co-finance the film.

I would think it would need co-financing considering the scope of the story, but then if Steve Spielberg is still going to direct it then it's a risk worth taking I'm sure.

The news doesn't really tell us anything new about the film other than the two studios are going to finance the film jointly, if the deal goes through, and Steven Spielberg still looks set to direct.

The story from Deadline does tell us that the two studios did previously try to do a deal on Spielberg's new version of Harvey, the story of a man who starts speaking to an invisible man sized rabbit originally made starring the legend that is James Stewart, however they never reached a deal and that film fell through.

You would think that a remake of Harvey would have been far cheaper than a film about an apocalypse of humans versus robots, but then it's not about the cost is it? Harvey would have been much harder to sell than something like this that is much more connected to the other films around it. I mean wouldn't they just have to remind the studio that World War Z is coming which is about a zombie apocalypse and the studios would be all over it.

The good news is that Spielberg isn't happy just producing and there's going to be more directing from him, and I'm rather keen to see what he will do with the story of the novel and which direction he decides to take it.

Drew Goddard wrote the script for the film, he's a writer from Buffy, Angel, Alias, Lost and Cloverfield (Filmstalker review), so Spielberg is already going in with a strong story, a strong script, will it be a strong film?



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