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Stalked: Ron Howard; Les Miserables; John Malkovich; Joe Wright; Anna Karenina; David Twohy; The Leonardo Job; Europa

Howard for Superhero film...

Crowe, Hathaway Carter for Les Meserables...

Malkovich becoming Zombie...

Wright directing Anna Karenina...

Twhoy's The Leonardo Job to be made...

Europa gets a revisit...

Howard for Superhero film...
Ron Howard is apparently up for a new film, forgetting the fact that he has so much on his development plate already, and this one's an interesting tale of a superhero with limited powers. There's not much about the film but what we have heard is interesting enough. It's an original story called 364 from writer David Guggenheim that tells of a man who has superhero powers for just one day of every year and the rest of the year he spends trying to work out what to do in that one day. The film looks set to concentrate on just that one day. The story comes from Deadline.

Crowe, Hathaway Carter for Les Meserables...
It looks like the Les Miserables is gaining some new cast. Anne Hathaway has been rumoured by Yahoo News for a part in the film, which current lead Hugh Jackman apparently pushed for, after all they did that excellent Broadway piece for the Academy Awards, and today The Hollywood Reporter says that Russell Crowe is in negotiations as is Helena Bonham Carter. Jackman is playing Valjean, the man who is imprisoned for stealing bread and befriends a young woman named Cosette, Crowe would play Javert, the police inspector who is trying to recapture Valjean.

Malkovich becoming Zombie...
John Malkovich will star in Warm Bodies, a film from Jonathan Levine which tells the story of a zombie who falls in love with a girl and finds his soul again. He will play the father of the girl, General Grigio, with Teresa Palmer playing the girl and Nicholas Hoult playing the zombie according to Deadline. Sounds a bizarre story indeed.

Wright directing Anna Karenina...
Joe Wright is set to direct Keira Knightley once again in the film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's novel Anna Karenina written by Tom Stoppard. Knightley is playing the titular character with Jude Law playing her husband. Deadline tells us it also stars Aaron Johnson, Kelly Macdonald, Matthew Macfadyen, Domhnall Gleeson, Alicia Vikander, Emily Watson, Olivia Williams and Ruth Wilson. Now that's an interesting cast.

Twhoy's The Leonardo Job to be made...
David Twhoy hasn't been sitting around waiting for the next Riddick film, he's written a script about two rival master thieves both trying to steal the legendary lost Leonardo da Vinci painting, a painting which they first have to prove exists before then tracking down and stealing. They are forced to join together at some part in the adventure when they realise they just can't do it alone. The story comes from Coming Soon.

Europa gets a revisit...
Sharlto Copley, Michael Nyquist, Anamaria Marinca and Daniel Wu are heading to Europa, despite humans being told to leave it alone. While the film isn't anything to do with the 2001 films it does feature the Jupiter moon as a team of six astronauts sent by a private company to be the first manned mission there. Sebastian Cordero is directing the script by Philip Gelatt according to Deadline.



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