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The Raid trailer is non-stop action

TheRaid.jpgThe trailer for The Raid is indeed non-stop action, the latter half is also filled with some surprisingly strong action and effects sequences that ensure that it well deserves and over 18 only sticker, or the MPAA's red band-ness.

The film sees twenty armed elite police conducting a raid on a twenty story tower block to try and get the crime lord sitting on the top floor, but in between him and the ground floor stand his entire organisation, armed to the teeth and ruthless.

The trailer looks furious and relentless, and that's something the film written and directed by Gareth Evans promises to bring. Not only that but some of the action will make you wince, as will some of the effects in the latter half of the trailer.

The Raid looks and sounds fantastic and it's getting a lot of strong praise out of the Toronto International Film Festival where it was just seen a few days ago. Next stop release wise is Indonesia on the 19th of January next year, but we have to hope that the distributors attending TIFF pick up this film for something more.

Actually there's already good news for those in the US, for Sony have picked up the film and slotted on a soundtrack that Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park is busy putting together to replace the existing soundtrack, which sounds pretty damn good from the trailer.

The trailer comes through MTV who once again believe that the only film audience is in America and restrict the rest of the world from viewing it, so thanks to the level headed and frankly far more globally aware Twitch who freed it from the confines of a music channel who have no idea and have allowed everyone to see it.

Rant over, let's move on. They also carry with it the news that not only do Sony have U.S. distribution rights but the company Celluloid Nightmares is the worldwide sales agent for the film, so go talk to them and let's see this hit the UK and Europe as soon as please.

Here's the trailer:

Well? What do you think?



This may end up good but I'm gonna have to wait and see because this trailer has a B-movie stench that I don't like. It may just be the trailer, the fight choreographies do look enthralling though. I'm still gonna give it a chance come its release in cinema or rental store.


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