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The Squad trailer sets up the intrigue

TheSquad.jpgThere's been a fair bit of talk of The Squad (El paramo) and even word that Hollywood are looking to remake it already, but I've not seen anything of it, until now.

The film is set in the civil war of Colombia where the army have lost contact with an outpost that they believe has been overrun by guerrillas. They send out a squad to investigate and recapture the base, however once they get there they find that it wasn't guerrillas who made the base go silent.

Let me go straight to the plot on this one because this, coupled with the trailer, sets the film up well and there's not a spoiler in sight.

In the foggy mountains of Colombia, nine soldiers trudge through muddy terrain in search of an outpost that they believe has been invaded by guerrillas. As they approach their target, one of them is brutally injured, forcing them to prematurely enter the base instead of waiting for backup. Once inside, they're greeted a pile of dead bodies and a series of ritualistic markings meant to ward off the devil. After discovering a lone, traumatized survivor and a cryptic event log, the men wait, sifting through their own differences with each other. Trapped, confused and cut off from the outside world, they begin to feel the strain of isolation closing in around them. They'll grasp at anything to resolve what happened there…and what is going to happen to them.

There's a lot of positivity coming out for the film and the first time director Jaime Osorio Marquez is receiving strong praise for what he's made and together with the writer Diego Vivanco, the story they've delivered that keeps suspense and anxiety throughout the film.

You can see that in the set-up for The Squad (El paramo) already in just the blurb, but watch the following trailer and you'll get the feel for the film. No wonder it's being looked at for a remake.



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