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Top Gun in 3D

TopGun.jpgTop Gun looks like it's getting a release, in 3D no less, but there's no remake involved or re-anything, what's actually happening is that they're converting the original film into 3D and if all goes well it will be released back into the cinema.

Of course the sequel to Top Gun is still in production, but will this give the original Top Gun a new lease of life, or is it just more profit, and the big question is how will it look?

The idea of taking a 2D film and making it into a 3D film is not something new, we're seeing it all the time in the 3D films that run through the post conversion process, that means it's filmed in 2D with normal cameras and then the completed film is sent off to another company who make it into 3D.

How they do it I'm not entirely sure, but he basic process seems to be that they isolate parts of the image and just like one of those cut-out cards, pull and push parts of the image to the front and the back of the image. Of course there's a lot more technical stuff than that, but that's basically what they're doing.

Even though I don't like 3D, I like the 2D conversion process even less, I just can't see this working out well, and it's something I'm sure you'll agree with when you've seen such conversions. Of course some at the higher end are pretty decent, but those film-makers who really believe in 3D and who believe in the purity of filming with 3D cameras, don't want to touch 2D post conversions, so what light does that put a Top Gun 3D post conversion in?

The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter through Latino Review, and it does make you think. If they manage to convert this and make more money than the conversion cost what's going to happen to the back catalogue of classic action films? Are we going to see a slew of them being converted and re-released?

Just imagine the deluge of 2D converted 3D old films, and then you'll see companies wanting to do it cheaper and cheaper, and they'll get worse and worse. Isn't that just as bad as the colourisation of the old black and white films?



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