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Verhoeven's crowd sourced film

PaulVerhoeven.jpgPaul Verhoeven has revealed his latest project, and it's rather a unique one. In fact it's two rather unique ones.

Having already secured budget he's going to crowd source the entire film, and not just casting, but everything about it from scripting onwards, and while the public will be making one version that he'll edit together, he'll make his own version and we'll see both films released.

He already has the funding in place and the first scene written by the Dutch actress Kim van Kooten for the film Entertainment Experience. The plan is that anyone can submit their filmed version of the scene using anyone as actors in anyway whatsoever, submitting their scene to the film's website for the public to vote on.

As each written scene is filmed and voted for, anyone can be writing the next scene, which will also be voted on, and the script segment with the most votes will be the one put forward for anyone to film, while the most voted for filmed scene will be the one to be included in the final film.

While all this is going on Paul Verhoeven will be filming the winning script segment himself for his own version of the film, and he'll be doing it with as much immediacy as the public are, not allowing himself for any great preparation and pre-production.

Finally he hopes to end up with two films, one almost entirely crowd sourced, and one that he's filmed from the exact same script.

The story comes through Twitch who also have the site for the Entertainment Experience which reveals one sad fact, it's all in Dutch. That's not sad for Dutch people, please don't take offence, but it's sad for the rest of us who are at a serious disadvantage.

It's a fascinating project, but I can't help but think that the fully crowd-sourced version is going to be so fragmented in terms of style, cinematography, actors and score that it's going to be incredibly difficult to follow. What will be interesting is how the Verhoeven filmed version turns out, hopefully with much more continuity to it.

Verhoeven will be allowed to steer the project in certain directions, but steer is all he can do as the rest of the film will be entirely up to the public.

Get involved over at Entertainment Experience.



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